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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Soccer-loving rock stars

Here are some musicians who go just wild about football, or soccer to us Americans!

Roger Waters
-Pink Floyd
-Arsenal FC
Def Leppard
-The entire band are football fans
-They love various teams. But the guys have split loyalties to the clubs in their hometown of Sheffield. Joe Elliott supports Sheffield United. Rick Savage supports Sheffield Wednesday, while Vivian Campbell plays on Hollywood United, a team made up of L.A.-based British musicians, even though Vivian Campbell is Irish-born
Def Leppard

Joe Elliott

Rick Savage

Vivian Campbell
Eric Clapton
-Derek & The Dominoes
-West Bromwich Albion FC
Brian Johnson
-Newcastle United FC
Iron Maiden
-West Ham United FC
Mick Jagger
-Rolling Stones
-Major Arsenal fan, considering he's from London. But it seems he likes just English football in general, no specific teams
Elvis Costello
-Liverpool FC
Robert Plant
-Led Zeppelin
-Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
-Why do people think he looks so bad for his age? The fact that he's still around, performing, that's what they should care about, not his looks. I think he looks just fine. Sure he has wrinkles, but in those wrinkles lay musical experience and talent!
Rod Stewart
-Celtic FC
Elton John
-Watford FC

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