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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hot Man Sunday: Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett
Birth name: Kirk Lee Hammett
DOB: 11/18/1962
Where: San Francisco, California
Nickname: The Ripper
Height: 5'7''

-His specially made ESP 'Kirk Hammett' guitar
-His heavy guitar solos
-Curly hair

-His date of birth and place of birth are tattooed on his stomach
-He is an avid surfer
-Collects horror film memorabilia
-His guitars always feature some horror movie graphic
-On 11/6/1998. when Metallica was on tour in England, he suffered from appendicitis. He was flown to a London hospital and recovered a couple of weeks later and flew to San Francisco
-Has two sons, Vincenzo Kainalu, born on 6/28/2008 and son Angel Ray Keala, born 10/6/2006
-His mother is Filipino and father is Irish

Personal Quotes
-A life lived unexplored is a life not worth living

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