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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Detroit Rock City Cast: Then and Now

Ready to see what the stars of Detroit Rock City have been up to since then? Find out here!
James DeBello
-Trip, the "Ace Frehley" of the group
-He was the stoner who tried to rob a kid with Ace Frehley paint on his face of his Kiss ticket. But ended up in an alley behind the convenient store, with the kid and his brother robbing him of $150 and his Kiss Army ID
-Recently worked in a series of National Lampoon movies

American Pie

Trip, the "Ace Frehley" in Detroit Rock City

Sam Huntington
-Jam, the "Peter Criss" of the group, who ends up with a girl, ironically named Beth
-He was the drummer for their group, Mystery. In the opening credits, it's his basement where his mom goes to the record player and puts in what she thinks is a wholesome, family-friendly Carpenters record, and instead nearly gets her head knocked off with the sonic boom that is Kiss' Love Gun album
-Stars as a werewolf on Being Human on the Syfy Channel
Jam, the "Peter Criss" in DRC

Being Human
Giuseppe Andrews
-Lex, the "Gene Simmons" of the group and ironically the guy Christine ends up with
-He tries sneaking backstage to get the guys in, but ends up running from security
-He is now in the avante-garde world of film directing
Lex, the "Gene Simmons" in DRC

Edward Furlong
-Hawk, the "Paul Stanley" of the group
-The singer, he ends up with a supermodel, ironically played by Shannon Tweed, a real life model and then girlfriend of Kiss bass player Gene Simmons. He tries to get money for tickets by participating in a strip club revue, dancing to the song Strutter, to everyone's Kiss-hating horror
-Other than his famous 1991 role in Terminator 2, he has had some minor brushes with the law
Hawk, the "Paul Stanley" in DRC

Natasha Lyonne
-Christine, the girl Lex saves from the chop shop guys
-She starts out as the girlfriend of one of the disco fiends that Hawk throws the pizza at. Originally into disco, she soon discovers, after getting in the car with the 4, they are Kiss guys
-She currently stars in Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black
Emmanuelle Chirqui
-Barbara, Christine's friend
-She is the other girlfriend in the disco lovers' car
-Starred on, for a long time, the show Entourage
Melanie Lynskey
-Beth, the girl who has a crush on Jam and ends up losing her virginity to him in a church confessional
-Has had a string of successful cameos and also appeared in Sweet Home Alabama

Kristin Booth
-Cashier, the one Trip saves during the robbery
-Has a small string of roles in movies/TV
Shannon Tweed
-Amanda Finch, the woman Hawk sleeps with in her car to get money for Kiss tickets
-In addition to being a model and actress, she was the then girlfriend but now current wife to Kiss bass player Gene Simmons, and also mother to two kids, Nick and Sophie

Pamela Bowen
-Mother at anti-Kiss rally, brown hair and glasses
-She played the mother using the bullhorn at the Mothers Against the Music of Kiss protest
-In real life, she was married to a Kiss member- Paul Stanley, the rhythm guitarist. She's also the mother of one his kids, Evan Shane Stanley, born in 1994
Kevin Corrigan
-Chop Chop Guy #1
-He was one of the guys who held Christine captive
-He's had many roles, including Goodfellas, Dazed and Confused, The Departed
Steve Schirripa
-Chop Shop Guy #2
-Mostly known for his role as Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos
Ron Jeremy
-Strip Club MC
-Has starred in over 2,000 adult movies
Joe Flaherty
-Father McNulty, the priest Jam is forced to see as he is enrolled in St. Bernard's Catholic School, because he listened to Kiss and his mother is trying to get him to see the error of his "sinful" ways. He is the one Jam's friends drug with a marijuana-laced pizza
-Went on to star on Freaks and Geeks, and is occasionally heard on Family Guy
Lin Shaye
-Mrs. Bruce, Jam's mother
-She is Jam's mother, the one who nearly gets her head knocked off by the sheer sonic power of Kiss on the record player. She is overly religious, believing that Kiss stands for "Knights in Satan's Service". So she sends Jam to a Catholic school to see the error of his "sinful" ways after she burns the Kiss tickets she finds in his jean jacket pocket, not knowing that Jam's friends Hawk, Lex and Trip are nearby, watching in horror as the tickets go up in flames like one of Gene's famous fireballs
-Also starred in Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary, Insidious

-The idols of the main band, Mystery
-They do indeed appear as themselves. As in the completely original lineup- Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley
-But nowadays, Tommy Thayer has replaced Ace Frehley and is using his Spaceman getup, along with Eric Singer replacing Peter Criss, using the Catman look. They replaced their original lead guitarist and drummer and are currently on tour supporting their Monster album

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