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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Peter Criss lying in his book?

Peter Criss' ex-wife Lydia accuses him of lying!
In his book, Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of Kiss, his wife Lydia accuses Peter of lying.

"I know Peter, I was with him for 13 years, I’ve known him for 40 years,” she pointed out. “Peter is very dramatic, he’s an exaggerator, he’s a complainer, he’s a liar."

She thinks it was motivated by revenge "When we were married, there was a point where I was actually uncomfortable with him putting me on such a pedestal, and then his book comes out and he basically says he didn’t care for me that much,” she pointed out. “He’s trying to get even with me for what I wrote, which was the truth, in my book. Peter’s book is not the truth and that’s proven, even by stupid little things." She also added "At least Ace told the truth in his book, Peter didn’t. There are stories in Ace’s book that I knew should be in his book and they were there. There are things in Peter’s book that just don’t add up"

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