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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going to a concert!

That's right, you're reading it right. I'm going to see a concert. It may not be for someone I listen to, but who cares! Bruno Mars is cool! On June 27th, I'm going with my sister to see Bruno Mars, her favorite musician and her 'fantasy pop music husband', as she calls him. She asked me this last night after I got home from work. She had a deal attached to it: if I bought her and me tickets to see this comedian we both love, Gabriel Iglesias, then she would buy me and her tickets to see Bruno Mars. She asked me if I liked him or had a problem with him. Nah, I don't. I actually like his music, kinda hooked on his song "Locked Out of Heaven". So yeah, going to see a concert! So psyched. She laughingly said "It may not be the Stones, but it's a concert!" I simply told her it's too much to see the Stones. My driving school teacher Rhonda said she went to see the Stones up in Philadelphia during their current tour and said it was $250 for a ticket! WTF!!!!!

What's really hilarious is that she is so psyched that Bruno Mars is playing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and then she said "the stupid Red Hot Chili Peppers are going to be there too." She don't like them too much. But if she hears this guy sing or even sees a picture of him, her jaw hits the floor and she says he's so freaking gorgeous.

But, anywho, going to see a concert! If I get pix, I'll upload 'em!

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