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Friday, January 30, 2015

Geezer Butler's post-brawl words

Well, according to the recent post I did about Black Sabbath guitarist Geezer Butler's arrest, he calls the situation an unfortunate incident. Somehow, I find it strange to see him in shorts and a t-shirt. I'm so used to seeing him wearing a black leather coat and all black clothing. But in the meantime, all of this was just a simple little mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't matter if your famous or not. Everyone makes mistakes. And he's taking care of them. But it's kinda cool to know he still has a little fight in him still, kinda cool!!!! Rock on!!!
The 65 year old guitarist gave his fans a big thanks for their support. He posted some messages on his Twitter page to the effect of "Thx for your messages & support following the unfortunate altercation that occurred." All the fans are keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that this will be sorted out before Black Sabbath comes together to record their alleged new album, due to start recording sometime this year.

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