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Thursday, January 15, 2015


For those unfamiliar with what this is, Someecards are a series of online cards mostly seen on Facebook or the internet. They can pertain to just about anything, from music to pop culture to more adult rated stuff. I'm doing a post on some of the ones I find funny and ones about music. Some of them are so true. But there will be a few on here that are not of the Someecard series that I just find hysterical

So true to all the Sabbath haters out there!

This is me and my sister in May!

This one I like!!

So true!

I would so do this...

Yes, definitely!!!!

Sexiest accent EVER!! And British guys just seem like such perfect gentleman. That I like :D

Ooooh. this would be good. Not so much having a boyfriend with a Brit accent, how about just a friend who's a guy with a cute British accent? I can settle for that :D

Really sad when this seems to be just a little too true...


I see a lot of girls do this. They'll wear a shirt and not even know the band on it or not even like the band; they wear it because it looked cool. Example 1: in 10th grade, a girl I knew had come to school wearing an inappropriate shirt and had to change, and somehow came back to class wearing a black Led Zeppelin shirt advertising their 1976 Tour of America. People asked her if she liked Led Zeppelin and she said she didn't even know who they were, until one of my classmates told her that they were a British hard rock band from the late 1960s

I just had to include this. Too awesome!!!!

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