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Sunday, January 11, 2015

This makes me want to cry

It seems as though Tony Iommi of legendary British metal band Black Sabbath doesn't think his cancer will go away.

I hope he's able to recover. A lot of fans are rallying behind him, keeping him strong with positive messages for a fast and speedy recovery. Which I think is probably helping him a lot, along with his wife since 2005, Maria Sjoholm
It's been said that there's a strong chance that Tony Iommi might never fully recover from the lymphoma he was diagnosed with three years ago.

He recently told The Mirror "The surgeon told me he doesn’t expect the cancer to go away. There’s a 30 percent chance that it could, but more than likely it will come back and it could be any time."

This bad omen came just as the band started working on 13. Plans on making the album were halted while Iommi underwent strong treatment, which consisted of six rounds of chemotherapy spaced six weeks apart. As a result of the cancer, he's changed his lifestyle, by eating healthier and going to bed earlier, since he says he doesn't have the energy for late nights anymore. There is one thing he's grateful for though. "Thankfully red wine is still on the menu, though. I’m determined to hold on to as many of those little pleasures as possible"

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