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Friday, August 21, 2015

80s metal musicians then and now

As we know, we all age. Some age like fine wine in the eyes of some. Some age like milk in the eyes of some. I believe it's because we all see beauty differently. Where one woman might look at Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead and think he's a rather handsome gentleman while another says he looks like he got repeated hits from the ugly stick. It all comes down to how we view beauty. So here are some then and now pics of some of our favorite 80s metal musicians.

Dave Mustaine
-Metallica, Megadeth
-He's handsome for his age :)
 Ozzy Osbourne
-Black Sabbath
-Awesome. It's so adorable how he and Sharon are still together after all these years, through thick and thin. Gives me hope about love :D
 Scott Ian
Lemmy Kilmister
-What a cool guy. I hear he's a charming man around the ladies. Awwww, how sweet!!
Glenn Danzig
Angus Young
-So cool!!

Tom Araya
Bret Michaels
-Hot as ever!!!

 David Lee Roth
-Van Halen
-Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver
-Yup, me likey!!
 Vince Neil
-Motley Crue
Axl Rose
-Guns N' Roses
 Bruce Dickinson
-Iron Maiden
-Never knew what he looked like younger. Kinda looks like he belongs in Deep Purple with that type of clothing, lol!!
 Eddie Van Halen
-Van Halen
 James Hetfield
 Kerry King
 Lars Ulrich
-For some reason, with that mustache, he looks like Dave Holland from Judas Priest, hahahahaha!
 Nikki Sixx
-Motley Crue, Brides of Destruction, Sixx A.M.
-Yup, me likey!!!
 Rob Halford
-Judas Priest
-Still handsome, even though he's gay. But that's awesome in its own way- the first openly gay heavy metal musician. Can you say AWESOME?!?!?
 Sebastian Bach
-Skid Row
-Still cute
 Tommy Lee
-Motley Crue
-Yup, still cute. Cute then and cute now

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