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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lessons you learn while studying abroad in London

I WANT TO VISIT LONDON SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure this list comes from someone who traveled abroad there. Not to sound stupidly obvious. But I would love more than eternity itself to see this beautiful city. First thing I'd do there-catch a football game. Come on Hotspurs....

Also, England is known for its music festivals, such as Download Festival, originally known as Monsters of Rock or Castle Donington, Glastonbury, Sonisphere, High Voltage, etc.

Here are some useful lessons you learn after studying abroad in London
1. "Mind the gap" isn't just a nice little motto. It's useful to remember there's a gap between the train and platform
2. The Hammersmith and City Lines are always late
3. Despite never being there, the city name Cockfosters makes people giggle immaturely
4. "Way out" means you can exit the trains quicker
5. Avoid the Central Line at rush hour
6. Never get on/off at Oxford Circus
7. If you try to speed walk down Oxford Circus, forget it. There are people with rolling backpacks and simply taking their time. You'll get road rage just walking down the street, lol
8. Piccadilly Circus is where patience has reached its untimely end
9. Italian club promoters hang here too
10. Pret a Manger in London is like Dunkin' Donuts in Boston
11. This restaurant features a mozzarella and tomato croissant that is said to be perfect hangover food on Sundays
12. Kebabs are also great food for drinking
13. Never underestimate the size of Hyde Park
14. The Night Bus is the nice phrase for "Drunk Bus". Your ticket home when you had one too many!
15. When you see an old man having a pint on your way to class, that tells you that happy hour is every hour
16. Cheap meals? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Are you kidding??????
17. Samples at local markets are your quick way to free food. Try Portobello Road or Camden Town
18. The massive crowds at Camden Town and Portobello Road might turn away some, but the adventurous love the massive crowds
19. When you're feeling like you're loaded with money, you hit up Waitrose while when you're feeling financially strapped, Tesco, here I come!
20. Primark is your clothing destination for cheap, yet nice clothes
21. When crossing the road, you practically have to break your neck looking for traffic!
22. When going up/down the stairs of a bus, hold onto the railing for dear life; the driver will think he/she is going to be the next Lewis Hamilton!
23. Want to sightsee? Take in some of the various museums and historical sights for free!
24. Whether you like history or not, the Tower of London is a must see!
25. Plays and musicals here are very reasonably priced, unlike Broadway in New York
26. Harry Potter is popular here, no shocker! So throw on your Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw stuff!
27. You can experience all four seasons within record time
28. Something odd is always happening in Trafalgar Square
29. Travelling outside London amazes you with how affordable everything is
30. But, with all that London has to offer, you would NEVER dream of studying anywhere else!!!

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