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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Top 50 Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bassists

There always seem to be lists of "greatest this or that" or "top number of this or that" or "all time greatest this or that". One thing that not everyone may know is that when it comes to hard rock, metal, any type of music, bass guitars, while not considered to be actual guitars apparently, provide an additional rhythm to music. Most bands nowadays have a bass player. Here, according to, are the Top 50 Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bassists of All Time

BTW, three bass players from the same band, Metallica, are on here. Why? It should only be ONE bass player per band, not three. Whoever came up with this list must be smoking some kind of rock or grass. Where's Ian Hill? Seriously, he deserves to be on here. Not only does Ian Hill play bass for Priest, he and KK Downing founded Judas Priest. Well, I'm going to add him on here as a good bass player. Even though I occasionally listen to them, Metallica is way too overrated. People make them out to be this incredibly, worldly talented metal band. That's all they are; just a metal band. Nothing else!!! And also, Nirvana managed to weasel its way on here! They're not hard rock or even heavy metal; they're whiny grunge from the 1990s, a movement in music which you notice did not last long. No one wants to hear music about "my life isn't what I wanted it like" or "people hate me". For the grunge music out there-take a Prozac and move on!
Gene Simmons
-He may not be considered "top dog" of the bass world, but this guy has business and music smarts to compensate. Not to mention once anyone hears this guy can breathe fire and spit blood, that gets their curiosity a buzzing!
Jeff Ament
-Pearl Jam
-He helped carve out the angsty sounds to Pearl Jam's music in the 1990s
Dan Briggs
-Between the Buried and Me
-He don't even look old enough to be on stage!!
Glenn Hughes
-Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Trapeze
-He might be regarded as a "strange agent" in the eyes of some, but don't forget he's a talented singer and bass player. He's known as the Voice of Rock and has one of THE most beautiful voices ever!! I agree. You need an example? Check out his incredibly breathtaking cover of "Let It Be" by The Beatles! He's a pretty cool guy. And he just looks like such a sweetheart and still is pretty handsome for his age
Dan Lilker
-Nuclear Assault
Dug Pinnick
-King's X
-Awesome, a black guy in a metal band!! You don't see that every day! TOTALLY AWESOME!
Krist Novocelic
-How in the name of all that is possible is Nirvana considered hard rock or even heavy metal? They're grunge!
Michael Anthony
-Van Halen
-This guy is an amazing bass player. That is until he was rudely let go and replaced with Eddie "The Idiot" Van Halen's son Wolfgang. Jeez Eddie is such a moron!
Paul Gray
-It would be nice to see what these guys look like with out their creepy horror movie masks, lol. It's also sad to learn he is no longer among the living. This poor guy has passed. How sad :(
Wow, he was a pretty handsome guy. :D
Now if this guy doesn't look like someone on America's Most Wanted, idk who else does, lol
Martin Mendez
Cliff Williams
-Heck yeah! He needs to be on here. Maybe not at #39. I'm thinking more like the top 10 at least!!!
Markus Grosskopf
Duff McKagan
-Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded
-He's still sexy!! Love his tattoos too. Not to mention his book It's So Easy and Other Lies is awesome. I'm currently on my 2nd time reading it. So good!!
What a hot hunk of blonde cutie!!
Shane Embury
-Napalm Death
Greg Christian
Shavo Odadjian
-System of a Down
-Seeing and hearing these guys' music would be like listening to the circus in the sense that watching these guys on stage is acrobatic, not to mention their songs start abruptly and end the same way
Frank Bello
Liam Wilson
-The Dilinger Escape Plan
-How on earth did he get this name?!?!?!?!?!?
Nikki Sixx
-Motley Crue
-He wrote a good majority of the song lyrics for Crue. Not to mention he's still cute!!! Maybe it's because he's Italian, idk. He's still cute!!!!
Phil Lynott
-Thin Lizzy
Joe Lester
Joey Demaio
Roger Patterson
Eric Avery
-Jane's Addiction
Ryan Martinie
Dee Dee Ramone
-The Ramones
Peter Steele
-Type O Negative
Jason Newsted
-Metallica, again. Shocker [eyes rolling]
Tim Commerford
-Rage Against the Machine
Rex Brown
Jack Bruce
Steve DiGiorgio
-Iced Earth, Testament
John Paul Jones
-Led Zeppelin
Justin Chancellor
This guy look a little like Ian Hill of Judas Priest with the facial hair
Alex Webster
-Cannibal Corpse
Tom Araya
Robert Trujillo
-Metallica, again. Ugh!!!!
David Ellefson
-Thank God someone from Megadeth got on here. That band is just as good as Metallica, maybe even better, lol
Les Claypool
Lemmy Kilmister
-He's known for his aggressive speed metal-type riffs and deep gravelly voice. Not to mention how many rockers can say they were a roadie for Hendrix? I may not be a Motorhead fan, but you honestly can't help but like Lemmy. He looks like such a sweetheart. All the guys in Motorhead look like sweethearted guys
John Myung
-Dream Thetre
-Red Hot Chili Peppers
-IDK how Red Hot Chili Peppers is even remotely considered hard rock and heavy metal. They're more like funk-rock or even just rock in general. Nothing like these other guys :D
Billy Sheehan
-Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs
John Entwistle
-The Who
Cliff Burton
-Metallica is WAY TOO OVERRATED!!!!!!!
Geddy Lee
Geezer Butler
-Black Sabbath
-This guy is a genius! He wrote the bulk of the lyrics for Sabbath over the years. So how cool is that? Not to mention he's essentially your first heavy metal hippie because of his nonviolent ways, unless he drinks. Which, according to Tony Iommi, Geezer gets violent when he drinks
-Ironically enough, I have a calendar at work of Black Sabbath and for October there is an image of Geezer
Steve Harris
-Iron Maiden
-I honestly didn't know who was going to be in this spot. But I have to agree that he does belong here. He is a good bass player. And he seems like a nice guy. Plus, like Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Steve Harris writes the bulk of the lyrics for Maiden's songs
-I can honestly say I'm a fan now; I just bought their Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album, Brave New World album, Somewhere in Time album, Piece of Mind album, The Number of the Beast album, Fear of the Dark album. Not to mention Bruce Dickinson's Tattooed Millionaire album.

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  1. Even though I occasionally listen to them, Metallica is way too overrated. People make them out to be this incredibly, rock review