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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard and Beyond by Phil Collen and Chris Epting

I've just gotten this book yesterday. Have yet to start reading it. Ever since I preordered it on May 28, I've been anxious as ever for it to arrive so I can start reading it. When it cam yesterday, my sister wanted to see it for one reason-pictures. She saw a picture of Phil Collen with no shirt on and she just about had a coronary. You'd think she never saw a shirtless man before, lol. Not to mention when she found out he was English, oh brother! That coronary just turned into a heart attack, lol. She said "I bet he has a hot English accent. That accent is kind of cute on some guys." If he was not from England, he wouldn't have an accent, lol!!! All I know is that for his age, he's so cute! But then again, I've always thought he was cute, ever since I started listening to Def Leppard. IDK what England is doing to make sexy guys, but they need to keep doing it!! They've stumbled onto something good!!! IDK what it is, but I must have a thing for blonde haired, blue eyed guys or English guys or Italian guys. They're all cute, lol!! I also have to add this. I think for their ages, all the guys in Def Leppard are extremely cute!!!
I started reading this book today. So far, I found out a lot of cool stuff about him. Like one of the first bands he joined was a band called Dumb Blondes, which earned its name from the fact that all the members of the band had dyed their hair peroxide blonde and were trying to emulate the look of the New York Dolls and David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust phase, not to mention they also wore makeup and high heels like the Dolls. Also, he got play guitar on stage at the Marquee Club in London with Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple. When he first met Def Leppard, which was when guitarist Pete Willis was still in, he said that they had funny accents because he was from the East End of London and they were mostly from Sheffield. He also formed a deep bond with guitarist Steve Clark. When Pete Willis was let go, Phil was asked to join. Not to mention, after leaving the band Dumb Blondes, he and another guitarist named Simon Laffy formed a band called Girl. When he was younger, he played football (soccer to us Americans) and was briefly on the swim team. He had dreams of becoming a professional footballer before music entered his life.

He also started drinking heavily. He experienced his first blackout, which resulted in him having a second piercing in his ear and through it all, he didn't even remember how it happened, along with how he and Steve Clark, one of Leppard's early guitarists, bought Cartier watches and didn't remember it. Also, he and Steve Clark were known as the "Terror Twins" because of their heavy drinking habits. He also stated how he had become a vegan, which is something I'm sure a lot of rock stars are thought of as not being. People probably have this conception that rock stars are all about drinking, drugging and sleeping with the ladies. Phil is not one of those typical rock stars. He said that there were a couple times when ladies would approach him, yank his pants down and really go down on him. He didn't even know what to do. He also mentions that growing up in a family that emphasized a frugal attitude, saying "don't waste anything" plays a key role in his life. He also states that Def Leppard is not your average, every day hard rock band. They were, are and will always be about the music. That is the number one priority for the band. He talks about some of the videos they did. Like the video for "Rock of Ages". He talks about wearing almost skin tight white pants and a blue shirt and how the camera zooms in on him shaking his rear for a few seconds. I'm sure a lot of women watched that video, lol!! I've seen the video; hahahahahaha. He does have a nice back end. ;)

He also talked about some of the women he's dated and married, about how he married a woman named Jacqueline and had a son named Rory James Collen and later on had a daughter named Samantha. He talks about meeting a model named Jacqueline in Paris and saying how she was from New York and that he all but fell in immediate love with her. He also jokes that when he found out she was pregnant, they got married sooner than they'd like and they soon had a son named Rory James Collen. I honestly never knew he had kids. Wow. But then again, I respect the fact they keep their private lives PRIVATE. That's the way it's supposed to be. He talked a little about finding out when Rick Allen lost his arm. He was dumbfounded; he didn't know what to do and Rick blew his mind away when he found an electronic drum kit that can allow him to play drums with one arm and his feet. He also laughs and jokes when people confuse his name with that of former Genesis drummer Phil Collins. He says that to this day, people think he was the drummer in Genesis, not Phil Collins. He talks about the albums the band does. I'm at the part right now where the band had just started doing their Adrenalize album. He talks about each album, what it was like to record, what it was like to tour that album, etc.
Awww!! How cute!!

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