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Thursday, November 19, 2015

How tattoos change your life


People often say either good things or bad things about tattoos. Some of the more typical questions are "Why did you get that?" "What does it mean?" "Aren't you worried about what it will look like when you get older?" "Did it hurt?", etc. What some don't realize is that tattoos can actually be good. Find out here how tattoos can be good and change your life.
This is usually the LAST thing people think tattoos will do. But here are some of the POSITIVE ways tattoos can help

-It doesn't matter who you are. No matter the race, skin color, religion, sexuality, gender, etc. Tattoos are universal!! They are for everyone. To some, getting a tattoo is a rocket of confidence, launching their confidence to new heights. Tattoos can allow someone who might be meek, shy, whatever word you want to use, to express themselves and thus open themselves up to conversations with those who admire their work. And thus make possible friends. To most who have ink, the old saying "once you get one, you'll eventually want another" rings all too true. But to many, tattoos are mysterious, something you don't see quite often, but once you get a tattoo, you feel a little more confident and a little more tough.
Conversation starter
-If your ink is showing, be prepared to show and tell. There is always someone willing to talk to you about your ink, even though they may ask the typical questions "What does it mean?" or "Why did you get it?" Most likely these questions will be more out of curiosity than offense. Tattoos are a great way to network with new people, make new friends, have new conversations
Self expression
-This is one of the oldest reasons in the book for going under the needle. Tattoos are meant to show the world who you are. They are meant to show the world just what you want to tell them, whether it be your heritage, what your likes/dislikes are, your passions, hobbies, goals, your loves, support for something like the military or gay rights, etc. Your body is like a blank canvas. Tattoos are the paints you add to create a masterpiece. If someone tells you that too many is a bad thing, simply tell that person that it's your body; you do with it what you want.
-It seems as though if you go under the needle, your Spidey sense or in this case "tattoo senses" alert you to those around you who have tattoos. You start noticing all the vast, rich and complex designs that people have. This may even spark an interest in tattoo art and history and culture
Interesting people
-It's been said that tattoos were once the mark of sailors and criminals. Nowadays, tattoos are as common as the nose on people's faces. It doesn't have to be just rockers, criminals or bikers with tattoos, as originally thought by some. Everyone probably has at least one or two tattoos. If they are dressed a certain way, you'd never know that they have tattoos unless they were in a swimsuit. By having an open mind and knowing that not everyone is like you, having tattoos is a great way of meeting interesting people, in addition to making friends with people who don't have tattoos. Also, the people around you every day may have tattoos and you may not even know it. Your friends, teachers, family members, classmates, coworkers, managers, bosses, etc. may have ink and you wouldn't know it.
-Apparently it's always been considered that only tattooed people can be friends with other tattooed people. Which is absolutely bogus!! That's not true. It simply doesn't matter if people have tattoos.
People will read you like a book
-Tattoos are definitely an eye catcher. This is your way of letting people read you, learn about you, learn about who you are as a person. This is your way of letting people find out what your likes/dislikes, loves/hates, passions, hobbies, interests, heritage, etc. is. And in the end, when you see people with tattoos, you learn about them as well
Agree to disagree
-This is very common in the world of tattooing. There's always going to be that one person who either hates it or simply doesn't get it. Not everyone will like your tattoo or get it. You got it for you, not them. Just remember the golden rule of tattoos: you got it for you, not them.

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