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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

People I Would Find Interesting to Read About

It seems like every time you turn your head, some famous person is coming out with a memoir or autobiography. Just recently, Def Leppard's lead guitarist Phil Collen released an autobiography called Adrenalized: Life, Def Leppard and Beyond. BTW, it's good especially if you're a Def Leppard fan and/or a fan of Phil Collen ;)

Here are some people that I would love to read about

Geezer Butler
-I'd love to read about Geezer because out of all the books I've ever read about Black Sabbath or any of it's members, they all say that the lyrics come from Geezer. He has to be a pretty intelligent guy coming up with lyrics that deep, about stuff you'd never imagine hearing in songs. After reading that book I Am Ozzy about Ozzy Osbourne, he describes Geezer as an intellectual guy. When he's not writing lyrics, he's buried nose deep in a book about poetry or ancient Greek warfare, how he's a vegan and that came in handy during the early days of Sabbath, etc. Or how Geezer was actually training to be an accountant and how he worked in the accounting department of a factory in Aston. I'd love to read about him because he just seems like a very interesting person. Not to mention, he just looks like an overall sweet guy, like he'd be the most down to earth person you'd ever meet.
Nikki Sixx
-After reading that book The Dirt, which is essentially Motley Crue's own biography, reading the parts about Nikki Sixx interested me. He moved a lot when he was a kid. He was considered a quiet and polite young man who was into bands like Blue Cheer, The Sweet, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, etc. He had dreams of becoming a musician. But he also had a wild streak. He slit his wrists and accused his mother of attacking him. Or when he moved to somewhere out west, kids made fun of him, calling him things like poor white California trash. That had to be brutal. Not to mention, one of Crue's more famous songs, "Kickstart My Heart" was inspired by Nikki's heroin overdose and the adrenaline shot injected into his heart along with the fact that after he was checked into the hospital for it, he got up and walked out. Nowadays, he fronts a band called Sixx A.M., which consists of him on guitars, DJ Ashba on bass and James Michael on vocals, each person's name making up the name of the band. Something else that I never really knew is that Nikki Sixx's real name is Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrana. He was named after his father, Frank Ferrana. So essentially, Nikki Sixx is Italian. Hmmm, no wonder he's so good looking, lol!!!
Rob Halford
-I've been a Priest fan since early college. After seeing the video for "Turbo Lover" on VH1 Classic, I've been forever hooked, lol. I'd love to read about what it was like when he was younger, what got him into music, how he got into Priest and other cool stuff. Or what it was like when he finally came out of the closet in the late 1990s. I'm sure a lot of Judas Priest fans realized he was gay way before he ever came out. It doesn't exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out something's up when he was never seen or photographed with women, wearing black leather studded clothing and bondage gear, carrying either a whip or riding crop on stage with him or wearing handcuffs on his hips, lol. But, all in all, he's still a phenomenal singer. From the way I hear it, Rob is an incredibly kind person, the kindest, most down to earth person you could ever meet. The sweetest guy alive. I'm sure all the guys in Priest are like that. I would love, more than life itself, to meet Judas Priest. I'd make sure to have my sister with me. The looks on her face would be priceless!!! I know I laugh a lot when my sister says he's so cute even though he's gay! I agree with her. Despite being gay, he's still an incredibly handsome man. And I personally think that my sister finds him cute with the additional tattoos, lol!!
Glenn Tipton
-He's cute. Blonde haired and English. Kind of a weakness for me, lol. What else can I say, lol? Besides, he's handsome for his age. My sister, on the other hand, thinks he's really cute in leather, lol. Not to mention he's an amazing guitarist. From the way I read it in this book about Judas Priest called Judas Priest: Heavy Metal Painkillers, it sounds like Glenn writes a majority of the lyrics. How awesome is this? I never knew he's the one who usually wrote the lyrics. Or it might be someone else who occasionally writes. I guess it's all a matter of working together on the lyrics of songs.
Bruce Dickinson
-I know a lot of people might be confused by this, as I only started listening to Maiden very recently, I see all sorts of cool stuff about Bruce on the internet, about how he visits sick kids in the hospital, does all sorts of nice things, how he battled cancer, how he is a fully licensed commercial pilot and flies the Maiden jet Ed Force One with the band on board to their gigs. I would very much like to read about him. He seems interesting. Not to mention I'm completely amazed by how good Maiden is. To be 100% honest, I always thought Iron Maiden was what I call a "screamo metal band", you know, the metal bands with the singer who is usually screaming so loud or their voice is so distorted you don't know what they're saying? After hearing "Flight of Icarus", that soon changed, thank God!!! I can safely say that I've never had a bad word or insult against these guys. I simply didn't know where to start because, like all musicians, they have a severely long song catalogue.
-But, also, I recently found out he will be coming out with an OFFICIAL autobiography in 2018, at least the paperback edition, in 2018. E-book versions of it will come out in 2017. Just needed to toss that out!!!!!!!!!
Sylvester Stallone
-I'd love to read about him because he's one of my favorite actors. I'd love to know what it was like growing up for him. If he was ever bullied for the way he talks out of one side of his mouth. I can't imagine he wasn't; kids can be cruel sometimes. Or read about how he got into acting, or what some of the movies he's done over the years were like. I know I either read or heard somewhere that his first acting role was in a soft core porn movie called The Party at Kitty and Stud's, where he played a male gigolo. That had to be severely awkward for him, appearing fully naked and being sex crazed, which unfortunately only adds to that Italian stereotype of Italians being hot blooded. Plus, even if he looks rough in the eyes of most, to me he's still handsome. Those rough looks come from a life of hard action films, lol
Joe Elliott
-I'm a pretty big Def Leppard fan. Have been since college, which is ironically the place where I started listening to a lot of the music I now listen to. After watching Joe Elliott on this VH1 Classic series called Rock Icons, it amazes me that Joe Elliott proudly admits he's obsessed with music. He can't get enough of it. He also said he loves the fact that he can go out and not be recognized all the time, that the sense of anonymity makes him happy. I love watching that episode; you find out all sorts of cool things about him. Like when he was younger, around 8 years old or so, he wrote a song about a girl leaving a boy and he jokingly said "I was 8 years old. I didn't know anything about a girl leaving me". He can also play the guitar. Which I never knew. He can also play the piano. There's evidence of his excellent piano playing in the video for "Miss You in a Heartbeat" by Def Leppard. Hmm, very handsome, lol. He also fronts a side project called the Down N' Outz, which does covers of old Mott the Hoople songs, for which he is a giant fan.

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