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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Body Issues!

Yes, the title says it all. Yes, everyone probably has one part of their body that they are not fond of, for me, it's my entire body. I was completely inspired by Lisa's blog to chat about issues with image. I have noticed that when celebs get on TV, they talk about how "good" and "nice" their life is, it must be nice to have a good life when you have the money for it. What about the NORMAL people who have to get up every day and work a 9-5 job, worry about paying bills, making car payments, putting food on the table and supporting a family? You certainly don't see any of those celebs worrying about that, everything seems to come to them on a silver platter, whereas when it comes to me, everything comes on a plastic party tray platter.

I also noticed that on some of these diet pill commercials, they spread the idea that it's great to be thin, totally not right. There's this one commercial for a diet pill called Xanax 3, the motto is "It's great to be thin", that's going to send all the wrong signals. On the commercial you see this man and woman practically all over each other, practically having sex right there on TV, and it almost says you have to look like this to be loved.

The reason all these kids have eating disorders is because of these celebs getting on TV and almost coming out and saying how great it is to be thin. They spread this idea that if you don't have perfect boobs, a perfect butt or perfect bod, if you're not tall, tan , or gorgeous, you're nothing. I battled alot of body issues in high school, like people calling me fat a--, fatso, Casper the ghost because of my fair complexion, four eyes, you name it, kids in high school can be so cruel. But I never did anything because I figure karma will pay them back. What comes around goes around.

And what is sort of sad is that all these musicians and actors/actresses get look great because they have the money for it. If any non-celeb people want to lose weight, they do it the old fashioned way: going to a gym, exercise, eat right. It must be nice to have money and do what you please with it. Some of these celebs are in better shape than me, the only thing holding me back is my asthma. I'm told I'm not fat, that I'm just big boned, hard to know what that actually means.

But in high school, kids have eating disorders because they see these famous people looking thin as a rail and they are almost praised for it. Since when is it glamorous to look like a freakin' rail? Some celebs need to watch what they say/do. Because in high school, girls and guys worry about how they look so they can go on dates, but if they constantly worry about how they look, they won't have time for anyone else because they are so consumed with looking good. Sorry if it sounds like a rant, but I feel my opinion needs to be heard.

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  1. I used to be like that in my much younger days, but know I'm thankful for what and how God has made me because He did it all for a reason.