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Thursday, November 11, 2010


 Hola! Do I have a blog for you! Did everyone watch the CMA's last night? Taylor Swift didn't win a thing, at least I don't think she did. When every category came up and she was nominated, and didn't win, I jumped for joy. She's only 19, she doesn't know good country music if the music bug bit her repeatedly. I was so glad to see some of those other country artists win, like the Zac Brown Band, I've listened to them before, I'm really thinking about renting one of their CD's from the library and downloading it to my MP3. And Carrie Underwood sang one of my favorite songs last night, Songs Like This, but my dad says most of her songs have to do with destruction, I don't think that.

But I was so glad to see Taylor Swift not win anything. She seriously needs to realize she is not that good, I know she has a lot of fans, but come on, Taylor Swift stinks. Darius Rucker is 20 million times better than her. Everyone on that show was completely better than her.

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  1. My feeling on Taylor Swift is that she really doesn't sing country music. She is way more of a pop singer than anything. She is an amazing artist for only being 19 however, I've been listening to country music my whole life and she is not a country artist.