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Monday, November 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars/Bristol Lost!

Oh Yeah! Bristol lost on Dancing with the Stars! I was so glad to see that diva in training Bristol lose! When I heard Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were the winners, I did a little dance of joy! Because from what I hear, Bristol's dumb as a bag of bricks mother Sarah was blocking up the phone lines by having people vote multiple times just for her sleazy daughter, who I may add, can't dance! What she NEEDS to be doing is be at home taking care of that little angel she brought into the world. Where was her mother when she was having sex and getting pregnant as a teenager? Her mother must have been up on her soapbox preaching about abstinence when she probably realized she had an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter. Enough about that! Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough won! I also heard about who is going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars, they are really running out of people. John Gosselin is supposed to be there, along with Rehab Rita aka Lindsay Lohan, hopefully she cleans up her act and gets out of rehab, because I really have hopes for her getting clean, I really think she can do it, and I think Paul McCartney would be an interesting person to see on Dancing with the Stars, along with people like Halle Berry or Denzel Washington or someone like that! Oh man, if Denzel Washington ever went on Dancing with the Stars, I'd be following that show religiously, I love him, he is a really cool actor and not to mention drop dead gorgeous! It would be interesting to see people like Halle or Denzel on there, or have musicians like Joe Perry or Paul McCartney go for it, that would be cool!

And if they ever had other people be on there, I think The Rolling Stones would be interesting to see on there, to see if Mick can ballroom dance or tango or see if Keith, Charlie or Ronnie can rock on the dance floor, omg, if they ever went on to Dancing with the Stars, I'd follow it religiously!

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