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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Across the Universe

One of my fave flicks, not to mention one of my fave musicals. It has Beatles music in it, perfect for any Fab Four lover!

Paul McCartney overseeing the making of the music for the soundtrack. As well he should, he and John Lennon wrote half of The Beatles' songs.

What is it about English guys that's so sexy?

When I first watched this, I thought Jim Sturgess was an American actor faking a Liverpool accent. You know how it is with some American made movies. They want a British accent, they have an American fake one up real quick. Little did I know that Jim Sturgess is an actual Englishman. Born and raised in London. So the accent was real! Yeah, real cute!!!!!

RANDOM THOUGHT: Doesn't he look an awful lot like a cross between a young Paul McCartney and a young George Harrison?

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