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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Business Name Ideas

Next semester, at Gateway, I have to take a class called Corporate Identity and we have to do an assignment that involves us choosing a type of business and creating advertising for it, including a name. I have no idea what to do. More than likely, she won't let us choose what we want to do, she'll probably just make us choose what SHE wants us to do, pardon my French, stupid bitch!!! That's what I think of her! I swear I think she hates me! She seems to see only my mistakes, she constantly hangs over my shoulder and monitors my every and I mean EVERY move!!!!! She complains about how good she had it at P&G, a graphic design place near me, and I think to myself "Well, why the hell did u leave to come teach here, you moron?" I'm starting to think the only way to ace her package design class to start kissing some ass, but that's not me! I'll leave that to someone else. All I know is, if she finds a problem with everything I do, she's getting my 2 cents and they won't be pretty! Sorry to seem so cross, but I just can't stand her! I hate her stupid guts, she criticizes my work, and I know in graphic design that's probably supposed to happen, but the way she does it is just mean and hurtful. If she criticizes my work, I'm going off on her!!!!!

Anyway, before I get off the beaten path again, here are some business ideas I have. Let me know if any of you awesome bloggers out there think they are good. And also I have to retake her Package Design class, oh God why, and I have to do a drink label. I'm going to include drink names and types on here too, so let me know if you think they are good.

Business names/types

-Pinan(Japanese for peace and harmony)
-Happy Place
-A New You
-Heaven on Earth
-Sea of Tranquility

-Black Knight Tattoos
-Wei Da Tattoos
-True Colors
-London Ink. IDK why on this one, just sounds cool.
-Red Dragon Tattoos
-Queen City Ink. Over here in Ohio, they call Cincinnati the Queen City
-Make Your Mark
-Write of Passage
-River City Ink

-London Calling
-Time Warp
-Walk to the Beat
-Music N' More
-Music Makers
-Culture Beat
-Top of the Charts

Drink names/types

-Spit Fire
-Shot of Fire
-South Rising. I hear they drink it alot in bars in the south. Kinda play along with that southern pride
-Bad Influence

Energy drinks


Bloody Mary
-Bloody Good. IDK, this one cracked me up. Toying with the word Bloody, as it means the F word in British slang. Still funny to hear someone say this.
-Blood Shot
-Shot of Fire.
-Red Hot or Red Hot Passion

-Mexicali Rose
-Bloody Mary
-Bali Hai(both this and the word Bloody Mary are references to that movie South Pacific. One of my dad's fave movies!)
-Spanish Rose

-Franceschina & D'Angelis. My stepdad's mom's maiden name and her mother's name
-Vino di Amore(Wine of Love in Italian)
-Valley Italia
-Redwood Acres or Redwood Farms

-7 Deadly Sins(should I have to create multiple ones)
-Little Black Dress

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  1. all names you imagine here are best business names created. great creativity!