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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things I Like....

Inspired by blogger SummerBaby, who I found out is a totally fab student at the London College of Fashion. This post is about some of the things I like...

The Stones. Sorry, but I'm pathetic. They r my go-to band for music. 4 some reason, their music calms me down. Yeah, I guess I'm just weird like that. Then again, I'm weird anyway. I'm 21 and listen to a band from b4 my time, I think the lead singer is still kinda cute. Yeah, I'm weird.
From the way I hear, these guys are planning a tour. And a new record. If they are touring, I wanna know if they are coming to Cincinnati, OH, and if so, I'm so there! But watch, with my luck, I won't get near the place they perform at!!!

Top Gear. Love it.
Always good for a laugh

Police Work. Fascinating
Aww, what a cute dog

Jim Sturgess and Jamie Bamber. 2 of my fave British cuties. But then again, there's alot of British guys I find attractive.
Messy hair is so sexy! Ooh, so r those baby browns of his, [insert little hearts]

IDK what it is about him. He's just hot!

The Beatles. A family friendly band being discovered every day by the younger generation.

Halle Berry and Kate Winslet. Fave actresses.

Jet Li. Fave Asian actor
Very good actor, cares about people, what's not to love?

Retro. American "Woodstock" 1960s and Swinging London are 2 awesome decades!!!
My people!

I wonder what 'Swinging London' was like...

Judas Priest. Recently discovered their music and they are totally awesome. One of the few metal bands I do listen to.

Wallace and Gromit. This cartoon always cheers me up. Makes all the sad and stress go away.
They always cheer me up, especially when I'm down in the moods.

Hippies. My people, lmao.

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  1. Cool list. :) Top Gear is the best! What did you think of the last season of America Top Gear? I liked it overall. :)