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The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New and Improved 'Bucket List'

Sorry it's been a little while since I did any posts. Actually, I just did one on Julian Lennon. Recently, I've been thinking about going back to school. Just didn't know what for. Also, I was able to find a job. I work at a copy center for a law firm downtown called Vorys. And man o man, is this stuff boring! I was actually working for another law firm in Ohio called Reisenfeld & Associates; I was working in the shipping department for the mail room there. That job is awesome. The people are nice. But, since I'm a temp, I have to go where they send me. And now I'm stuck in this torturously boring job in downtown Cincinnati, and I can't leave this God forsakenly boring place until this woman at work, who's pregnant, goes on maternity leave and comes back. After that, I'll be hired on full time. Oh please let it be the other place. There's a lady who works there who has two cute lil kitties named Thelma and Louise. And oh brother, you'll laugh reading this. One of the ladies at work has 4 English bulldogs. And you'll never guess what she named them. They are all male, here it is: she named them Mick, Keith, Ringo, and George, lmao.

But, lately, I've come up with a new and improved 'bucket list'.

Find a job I love.
-This will soon happen. I've postponed it :D
Fall in love hopefully.
-Hopefully my 'Mr. Perfect' is nice. Also, it wouldn't be bad if he was cute, my age and English, lol!

Travel the World
-So many places, so little time, lol
Get a tattoo
-Still haven't decided on the design yet. I'm thinking about Asian symbols, a Geisha girl, a lotus flower with Japanese symbols in it, an Irish cross or a Day of the Dead skull
Get my first place
-IDK why, but I love those single floor ranch style homes, along with industrial lofts, love those for some odd reason. I also love lofts in general and those Mexican adobe houses; they're warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plus, they're pretty

Meet someone famous
-Would love to do this. Would love to meet Paul Stanley from Kiss. He's my sort of celeb crush. He's still cute, and even cuter in the black spandex on stage
Learn a new language
-Besides learning Spanish, I'd like to learn some other languages. Definitely Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian
Go back to school
-I've finally decided what I want to go back to school for. Criminal Justice. I can't believe I was this thick headed and didn't think of that before. With all the law shows I watch lately, including Law and Order: UK, I should have taken that as a hint!!! Well, it's decided: I'm going back for that. And plus, working, in a way, for a law firm, only makes it better. Now only if I could get hired on at the other law firm I was working at, then it would be HEAVEN!!!
Study Abroad
-This would be cool to do
London. This is where I want to study abroad...
Get my first car
-I'm bound and determined to make my first car a VW Bug or Mini Cooper!!

Get my drivers license
-I'm well on my way to this. All I gotta do is get in some more practice and I'll be driving in no time!!!

Try something new and exotic
-IDK why, I'm really thinking about trying bungee jumping. It looks fun!

Go to a rock concert
-I'm still waiting on this one. Hope it happens...
AC/DC would be the dream concert for someone who listens to rock music as much as I do
Write a book
-This would be cool

Have a dream job
-Everyone has a dream job. Mine would be writing columns at Rolling Stone Magazine!
He is drop dead gorgeous!! God, I wish I were Gwen Stefani...
Be told I'm beautiful
-Some may think this is odd, but I would love for someone to tell me I'm beautiful and actually have some meaning behind it instead of doing it just to be nice!

Go bungee jumping
-This ties in with my 'go try something exotic' goal
Lose weight
-I'm trying to do this. I've lost 10 pounds. Just gotta keep exercising and get Just Dance 4. Then the pounds will really shed off when I'm dancing to Moves Like Jagger, lol!!
Travel to London
-Something I've been dreaming about since high school
Live somewhere exotic
-Everyone has those one or two places they call their second house. In the newspapers, they have international temperatures and weather. My stepdad says "how is it in my second home?" Meaning Tahiti. My other "homes" include London because the local culture is too interesting to pass up, Sydney, Australia because it's warm and sunny with really hot guys with even hotter accents or Tokyo because the culture is awesome!
Awwww, he's so cute!!!

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