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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Birth name: Victoria Carolina Adams
DOB: 4/17/1974
Where: Hertfordshire, England
Height: 5'4''

-Posh Spice

-Her hair styles and colours are changed frequently
-She rarely smiles
-Her frequent wearing of high heels
-Holds her handbag over her mouth when she laughs
-Posh Spice

-Won the 1997 MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video: Wannabe
-Has a tattoo of 4 eight pointed stars on the base of her spine
-Elton John and Elizabeth Hurley are the godparents to her kids
-Is the godmother of Gerri Halliwell's daughter
-At the end of summer in 2000, was diagnosed with meningitis
-Got her nickname 'Posh Spice' because she was raised in an upper-middle class background, her choppy bob haircut, and almost regal attitude, her love of high heels and designer outfits

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