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Sunday, May 26, 2013

You're not gonna believe this!

There are true and false facts about college!! This definitely makes me feel a lot better about going back to school; it puts a little relief on my mind about it, eases my ever worrying mind, especially since my aunt last night called and all but discouraged me from going back. If you read this and find it shocking, don't be. My aunt's been like this for years; discouraging me and my sister from following our dreams!

-American colleges are the best in the world.
Not true according to a study done by Jeff Selingo, who wrote a book about higher education. The U.S. only ranks about 14th in the world for education. Mainly because the cost is out of control and the quality of education is questionable. Also, more and more colleges anymore are taking up study abroad programs, which allow its students to travel to other countries, soaking up the local culture and attend college in those countries and learn like the locals do

-You get what you pay for
He says there is really no difference in cost if you attend one college over another.  He says that some people would go to an expensive college thinking they'll get 5 star education when compared to someone who goes to a modestly priced college will get the same level of education

Most students graduate in four years
-Fewer than 40% of students graduate in four years and 58% students graduate in 6 years. You're no better than a high school student, says Selingo

-Majors determine your future
Most employers want employees who are quick to learn (ME) and have the ability to learn and love of learning (ME). These employers also want people who can find the answers to tomorrows' questions. Most fields the major matters.

Community College is for losers
-It's said that students who come to a four year university after attending a community college graduate quickly. Because they're motivated to do well, tuitions are lower at community colleges.

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