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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is it my imagination or are the newer episodes of Law and Order UK different?

I'm not sure if anyone else watches this show, but since they began coming out with newer episodes of Law and Order UK, they seem a little different than what I've seen so far. Maybe I should start at the beginning of the show, from Season 1 or Series 1 as they call it in England. Have to be correct here. But, they strangely brought on a new character, Jr. Crown Prosecutor Kate Barker, played by actress Georgia Taylor. Unless she's been on the show before, idk. Maybe she has. I only started watching it in Series 2, so I probably have no clue about the characters, I guess. I don't get time to watch it as much as I used to. With me working the 9-6pm shift at a law firm, that pretty much seals the deal I'm going to miss any episode of this show. I'm pretty much convinced someone in my house will delete it off the DVR, thinking it's a mistake recording.

The same characters on there are gone or are doing other things. Like, Freeema Agyeman. I know why she's not on this show anymore. She's currently playing Larissa, an easy going party girl on The Carrie Diaries. And Jamie Bamber is not on there because his character, Jr. Det. Sgt. Matt Devlin was killed in a drive-by shooting on the episode "Deal". And besides, he might be busy filming that show Monday Mornings, playing surgeon Tyler Wilson. I've watched that show before. Wow, is he cute! He can pull off a cute American accent and on Law and Order UK a cute British accent. Wow!!!

Cast Series 1-4. L-R: George Castle, Alesha Phillips, James Steele, Ronnie Brooks, Matt Devlin, Natalie Chandler

Series 6. L-R: Henry Sharpe, Jacob Thorne

Series 7. L-R: Ronnie Brooks, Sam Casey, DI Wes Leyton, Jacob Thorne, Kate Barker, Henry Sharpe

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  1. You're watching the latest series, not long after we have had it in the UK. Series 4 I think. Glad you enjoy it.