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Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend at Bernie's

IDK if I already did a post on this movie, but every time I think of it, I bust out into hysterics. It's hilarious. I highly recommend watching this movie if you want to laugh!

Weekend at Bernie's
-Larry Wilson and Richard Parker are two young employees trying to make their way up in an insurance company. One is all about charm and the other is all about hard work. One day, Richard Parker comes across a serious financial error on a printout. He takes it to their boss Bernie Lomax. He feigns excitement and invites them to his beach house in the Hamptons for the weekend. His actual plan is to have them killed to keep them silent. But he has already made a mistake: he is fooling around with the girlfriend of his Mafia partner, which is a big no-no in the mob world. The Don has his hit man Paulie go and kill Bernie. When the two discover he's dead, they have to have everyone who comes to his house believing he's still alive

-Andrew McCarthy: Larry Wilson
-Jonathan Silverman: Richard Parker
-Catherine Mary Stewart: Gwen Saunders
-Terry Kiser: Bernie Lomax
-Don Calfa: Paulie
-Catherine Parks: Tina
-Louis Giambalvo: Vito
-Ted Kotcheff: Jack Parker, Richard's dad
-Eloise DeJoria: Tawny
-George Cheung: Gardener

Did You Know?
-When Andrew McCarthy originally read the script, he was reading for the part of Richard. He loved the part of Larry and went to that part instead
-Terry Kiser (Bernie Lomax)'s stunt man suffered a few broken ribs playing the dead man, including being around the surface of the lake
-When Richard knocks out the man Bernie fired, he tells Larry "You can come out now Rambo". The first movie, First Blood, was also directed by Ted Kotcheff. And George Cheung starred in First Blood: Rambo Pt. II, playing a Vietnamese soldier

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