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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder characters

I may have done a book review on this book on here, but I thought how interesting it would be to do a post on some of the characters of this awesome story. BTW, if you love the 60s, both American and British, this is the story for you.

Here's a quick summary. It's told from the point of view of the main character

Bebe Bennett is a 22 year old secretary to Bradley Williams, Vice President of Talent at Rip City Records, a fictitious New York City record label. He's just signed on British band Philip Royal & The Beefeaters, a band from London similar to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. When the lead singer turns up dead, electrocuted in his bath tub by his guitar, all fingers are pointing at Bebe's friend and roommate, Texas born flight attendant Darlene Rowland. Add to the mix tons of suspects, from Philip's former girlfriend, model wannabe Astrid Loveday, and the rest of the band, from bass player Reggie Jones, who's desperately trying to contact his wife Jean and baby son Jamesy, lead guitarist Keith Michaels, who can drink like a fish and also do drugs, the list of suspects is too long. So, it's up to Bebe to solve the murder of the British pop star and bring a bright future to the newbie British band

Philip Royal
-Lead singer
-Story description: None
-Who I think he'd look like in real life: Mick Jagger all the way. From the ladies man reputation mainly!
Keith Michaels
-Lead guitarist
-Story description: Soon, a tall, extremely thin man in striped pants and a paisley shirt, his dark hair styled in a Beatles haircut, walked in. He immediately attracted attention. He was good looking in a tougher way than any of the Beatles, as if he'd enjoy a good fight and a good bourbon. He had nice brown eyes, a long aristocratic nose, and a charming smile, but his face bore a few pockmarks, left over from a childhood bout with the chicken pox, I guessed. There was a coldness about him, an aloof air that said he was already a star
-Who I think he'd look like in real life: A little bit of Pete Townshend from The Who, a little Keith Richards from the Stones

Reggie Jones
-Bass player
-Story description: This guy was a teddy bear, with a round face, brown eyes, and hair that fell into his eyes every couple of seconds
-Who I think he'd look like in real life: Charlie Watts from the Stones. Because in real life, Charlie is a sweet hearted guy who is faithful to his wife. In the story, it's revealed the lead singer was trying to wreck the guitarist's marriage by proving he was unfaithful.
Peter Smythe
-Story description: Peter looked a few years older than the other band members and had a receding hairline carefully concealed by a comb over. In fact, looking closely at that receding hairline, I saw what appeared to be pen marks right at the juncture where sandy hair met scalp. Good grief, was he marking where the hair started so that if he lost any more he'd know it?
-Who I think he'd look like in real life: Ian Stewart from the Stones, only with sandy hair
-Story description: The speaker was a man in his forties with a Cockney accent. He was a barrel of a man with a red nose, from heavy nights down at the pub I guessed. His hair was a wiry gray
-Who I think he'd look like in real life: no one, really

Patty Gentry
-Reporter, RPM Magazine
-Story description: described as a pretty blonde reporter with a tape recorder and microphone. She wore white boots, shorter than short skirt, a tiny top metal daisy chain belt
-Who I think she'd look like in real life: most likely, Marianne Faithfull as well
Astrid Loveday
-Story description: Heads turned all around the room as a curvy girl with waist length, straight blonde hair and bangs entered the room and posed for effect. She wore a gold lame dress that clung to her figure and screamed "Look at me!"
-Who I think he'd look like in real life: A little Catholic schoolgirl innocent looking Marianne Faithfull, a little dark reputation of Anita Pallenberg

Bebe Bennett
-Main character
-Story description: Not really much of one
-Who I think she'd look like in real life: Chrissie Shrimpton
Darlene Rowland
-Her roommate
-Story description: red hair, not much of one
-Who I think she'd look like in real life: wouldn't really look like anyone

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