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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rockers: Then and Now Cont'd

Here are the rest of them from the other post

Roger Daltrey, The Who
-Only difference: shorter blonde hair, round blue sunglasses. Looked good then and still looks good for his age now!

Pete Townshend, The Who
-Only difference: shorter, more gray hair

Vince Neil, Motley Crue
-Hell, he's gotten hotter over the years!! Even with all the tattoos, that's pretty hot on guys!! Guys with ink are hot!

If this is a mug shot, wow! He's pretty cute with glasses and has a cute mug shot!
Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue
-He started out cute and got progressively better looking through the years, even with the tattoos!

Mick Mars, Motley Crue
-He has not aged well at all. He looks like he might be sick or something. Aww, I hope he don't have cancer or something. He looks really sick or something

Mick Mars 1968

Tommy Lee, Motley Crue
-Only difference: probably a lot less tattoos back then, more prison time now!

Rob Halford, Judas Priest
-So, he had blonde hair originally? Wow

Ian Hill, Judas Priest
-Hasn't changed at all

Glenn Tipton, Judas Priest
-FYI, the only reason Richie Faulkner is not on here, is he's the youngest one in Judas Priest practically
-Only difference: nothing it looks like. Maybe long blonde hair and slightly older

Aww, what a cute lil thing :)

K.K. Downing, Judas Priest
-Really hasn't changed all that much...

David Bowie
-Only difference: Nothing much has changed. He still has the same blonde hair, only shorter. He actually doesn't look too bad for his age. Yes, he has wrinkles, but don't we all have wrinkles in our older ages?

Jeff Beck, Jeff Beck Group, Yardbirds
-Only difference: He has scarring on his face

George Harrison, Beatles
-Was handsome in his younger days. Sad he's gone. Shame he's gone. He was, in my opinion, the cutest one and also my favorite. I hear he was the shyest Beatle as well. Must explain why I like him...

John Lennon, Beatles
-Handsome in his younger days, also sad he's gone. At least he can live on through his kids Sean and Julian

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith
-He has aged decently, but how did his hair go from being black to light brown? And he still mouths off and manages to get in trouble with that mouth of his!

Joe Perry, Aerosmith
-Was hot as hell back then. Would still be cute nowadays if he got rid of that goofy mustache...

Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith
-No real difference. Just older

Joey Kramer, Aerosmith
-His blonde hair is shorter and he has a few wrinkles and probably a few tattoos as well

Brad Whitford, Aerosmith
-Only difference: shorter blonde hair

Andy Summers, The Police
-Looks like he may have put on some weight. Oh well, that sometimes happens when you get older...

Sting, The Police
-Only difference: shorter blonde hair and actually more sexy now!

Stewart Copeland, The Police
-Only difference: wears glasses, hair is shorter and grayer and is slightly older

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