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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Is there another solo album for Paul Stanley on the horizon?

The "Starchild" thinks about making another guitar powered solo album
2006 marked the last year that Paul Stanley made a solo album. That year, he released Live to Win, a mostly hard rock and heavy metal album, with tracks such as the slightly haunting "Wake Up Screaming", empowering "Live to Win" and total headbanger song "Bulletproof". He thinks it's time to dive in to making another solo album

When talking with Nashville Scene, he had this to say "I’m not done, so sure. The next one I guarantee will be much more guitar-driven. ‘Live to Win’ was really me wanting to push the envelope of what people wouldn’t expect from me. But my next one would hearken back way more to the first, I’m sure."

The first one, of course, refers to the 1978 solo album, a stunt that Kiss did in 1978, releasing four solo albums all at once

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