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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Really? Now Eric Singer is voicing his opinion on the Kiss trouble

Eric Singer, current drummer and Catman for Kiss, accuses former Kiss members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley of hypocrisy
Mostly it was Peter Criss and Ace Frehley stirring up the hornet's nest, calling the current lineup of Kiss "half a cover band." But current drummer Eric Singer has been quiet through this and in a new interview, he states he had not one problem playing alongside Criss or Frehley.

"This is something that I notice that nobody seems to point out. When I came in to play with the makeup [in 2001], Ace was in the band, and had no problem with me playing with Peter’s makeup while he went onstage and made that Kiss money. In fact, he loved it, and he didn’t want Peter back in the band." He told Rolling Stone

"And then go forward the next year, when Ace decided to leave. When we fast forward, all of a sudden they bring Peter back, and you got Tommy Thayer playing guitar wearing the Ace makeup, and all of a sudden, no one minded it was Ace’s makeup design. Peter had no problem, did he?"

"This is just music. It’s not solving the problems of the world. You know, the most important thing is – I tell everyone – ‘Look around you. If you have a kid, look at your kid. Look at her smiling. Look at your family.’ That’s life. That’s what’s really important. Not what some band does"

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