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Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Birthdays

Since it's June, let's say Happy Birthday to the following people

Ronnie Wood
-Birth name: Ronald David Wood
-DOB: 6/1/1947
-Where: Hillingdon, Middlesex, England
-Going to be: 67
-On 12/21/2012, married theatre director Sally Humphries
Charlie Watts
-Birth name: Charles Robert Watts
-DOB: 6/2/1941
-Where: London, England
-Going to be: 73
-The most quiet member of The Rolling Stones
Oliver James
-Birth name: Oliver James Hutson
-DOB: 6/1/1980
-Where: London, England
-Going to be: 34
-His own songs appear in What a Girl Wants
Wow, England sure does know how to make some pretty cute guys!!
Liam Neeson
-Birth name: William John Neeson
-DOB: 6/7/1952
-Where: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
-Going to be: 62
-As a teen, he practiced boxing
Bradley Walsh
-DOB: 6/4/1950
-Where: Watford, Hertfordshire, England
-Going to be: 54
-He has an actual background in coaching football (soccer to us Americans). He played for Brentford FC
Every time I see him on Law and Order, he looks older with those glasses and when I see him like this, wow! He looks much more handsome here
Johnny Depp
-Birth name:
-Going to be: 51
-Has a tattoo that reads "Betty Sue", his mother's name
Prince William
-Birth name: William Arthur Phillip Louis
-DOB: 6/21/1982
-Where: London, England
-Going to be: 32
-His mother is Princess Diana
Ben Daniels
-DOB: 6/10/1964
-Where: Warwickshire, England
-Going to be: 50
-Came out as being gay at age 24 (nuts, I never knew this guy was gay!)
Dominic Rowan
-DOB: 6/17/1971
-Where: London, England
-Going to be: 45
-Does mostly theatre work
-Very handsome ;)
Very handsome ;) Love his beautiful brown eyes
Bill Paterson
-DOB: 6/3/1945
-Where: Glasgow, Scotland
-Going to be: 69
-Since 2009, he was playing the role of George Castle, head of CPS (Crown Prosecution Services) on Law and Order UK, but left, because his character wanted to go back into prosecution
John Cho
-Birth name: John Yohan Cho
-DOB: 6/16/1972
-Where: Seoul, South Korea
-Going to be: 42
-Father was a Christian minister
Very handsome ;)
Hugh Laurie
-Birth name: James Hugh Calum Laurie
-DOB: 6/11/1959
-Where: Oxfordshire, England
-Going to be: 55
-After getting the role on House M.D. he bought an all black Triumph Bonneville motorcycle

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