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Monday, September 21, 2015

Music's "Filthy Fifteen"

According to those Parents Music Resource Council (PMRC) idiots, here are what they consider to be the Top 15 Filthiest Songs.
-Let Me Put My Love Into You
-If this is going to be on here, then shouldn't "Givin' the Dog a Bone" "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Have a Drink on Me" be included as well? Because everyone seems to like a good old rock song about sex, drugs or rock and roll. It's like the three things to becoming a rock star, lmao!!

Def Leppard
-High N' Dry
-It's said this song refers to alcohol and drug use

Black Sabbath
-Apparently this song is about drunk driving and alcohol

-Animal (F--- like a Beast)
-Wow, there's a nasty sex song!

Motley Crue
-According to bassist Nikki Sixx, they felt like they were being screwed, so this song was written to basically say "don't screw us", "don't mess with us"

Twisted Sister
-We're Not Gonna Take It
-This is about rebelling against those who try to tell you who to be

-If the title doesn't tell you, this song is probably about devil worship and possessed souls

Judas Priest
-Eat Me Alive
-Supposedly the song is about bondage. Well then, if Judas Priest writes songs with dirty lyrics, shouldn't "Raw Deal" be on here as well? That song came under fire for lyrics pointing to homosexuality. That song basically told the world Rob was gay before he came out if you didn't pick up on the handcuffs on his hips or the black leather bondage gear he wears on stage!

Mercyful Fate
-Into the Coven
-It's about witchcraft

Sheena Easton
-Sugar Walls
-This doesn't sound so filthy

Cyndi Lauper
-She Bop
-Must be what they're calling sex for women now, lol!!

Mary Jane Girls
-In My House
-Who knows what this song could be about?

-Strap On Robbie Baby
-This could be about a strap on that women use for sexual pleasure

-Dress You Up
-Said to have sexually explicit lyrics

-Darling Nikki
-Supposedly the inspiration for the PMRC came from Tipper Gore, who was aghast at hearing this song coming from her daughter's bedroom

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