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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rule of the Day: Don't tick off the Metal God!

Recently, there have been a lot of news stories involving a court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky. This court clerk is named Kim Davis and she is the one that officially signs off on marriages. She has recently made a lot of trouble for herself for refusing to marry same-sex couples. She has stated her religious beliefs as her reason for refusing to marry same-sex couples. But she has managed to raise the temper of one of metal's many iconic figures, Rob Halford, known as the Metal God.
Rob Halford was asked to give his opinions on the issue of this woman. When he visited C103 in Halifax, Canada, he was asked to give his opinion to the local DJ there, Scotty Mars. He states "freedom and democracy and freedom of speech and everybody being able to say what they feel"

"When you are employed in a situation that comes with basic, accepted ground rules and you try to kind of manipulate them to your perception so that it interferes with your job and interferes with other people’s lives, I take exception,” argued Halford. “It’s simple, man: Just give each other the respect and equality that everybody deserves on this planet, no matter where you’re from. So all this business about gay, straight, bi, black, white, Jew, Catholic — it’s all these ridiculous labels. We’re all people. We all need to just try and find a way to love each other and accept each other and try and make the world a better place. Amen"

Since coming out of the closet in 1998, he has seen a change in attitudes towards open homosexuality. He isn't, however, the only musician to air their opinions on the issue of Kim Davis. She managed to tick off former Survivor bandmates Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan. They were furious that their song "Eye of the Tiger" was used to support her.

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