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Sunday, September 13, 2015

27 Years of a Father and Son

You know how pictures always seem to tell a thousand word? Well let's see what these pics have to say. These pics must say 27,000 words, each for the 27 years these photos were taken, between a father and his son.

Awwwwww, what a cute baby!!
1986-That New Baby Smell
1987-One the Loneliest Number? Not so much
1988-Terrible Two's aren't that bad

1989-Third Time's a Charm? Try third year
1990-The Nineties together
1991-The First Five Years are the most cherished
1992-Just a day at the beach
1993-Taller and stronger
1994-That love keeps growing...
1995-Time flies when you enter third grade...
1996-Last birthday of the single digit years
1997-Your first decade, my son
1998-I will always be there for you
1999-Two of the guys
2000-The new millennium
2001-Entering high school
2002-Growing taller than dad
2003-Sweet Sixteen
2004-Getting that desired driver's license
2005-Like father, like son
2006-Two generations
2007-Through thick and thin
2008-The Dynamic Duo
2009-Rest easy, Dad. I can handle this
2010-I will have your back
2011-Switching sides
2012-And then there were three

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