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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10 reasons why Bruce Lee can never be replaced

Everyone probably knows who Bruce Lee is. The man with the fastest fists, a man usually seen using nunchaku (nunchuks to us Americans) in his martial arts movies that dominated the 1970s. Here are 10 things about him that you probably either knew or didn't know.
1. Bruce Lee could replace a dime on a person's palm with a penny before they could close it
2. He could perform the "Dragon Flag" move for more than 30 minutes

3. When directors made movies with him in it, they had to speed up the cameras to 32 frames a second instead of the usual 24 because he was that fast and to also make them seem more realistic
4. It was discovered that his speed to react and punch from three feet away was five hundredths of a second!
5. He once kicked a man so hard that he broke the arm of the person behind him as he fell
6. He could perform push ups using only his thumb and index finger on one hand!
7. Despite only weighing between 130-135 pounds, he could easily do 50 one arm chin-ups and also could do push-ups with up to 125 pounds on his back
8. In 1970, he severely damaged his sacral nerve. This left doctors telling him he could never do Kung Fu again. They were proved wrong!
9. In 1962, he was in a fight that lasted 11 seconds and in that time he managed 15 punches and a kick that defeated his opponent
10. In Afghanistan, there is a boy named Bruce Hazara (originally known as Abas Alizada) who bears a very striking resemblance to Bruce Lee and wants to follow in Lee's footsteps

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rule of the Day: Don't tick off the Metal God!

Recently, there have been a lot of news stories involving a court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky. This court clerk is named Kim Davis and she is the one that officially signs off on marriages. She has recently made a lot of trouble for herself for refusing to marry same-sex couples. She has stated her religious beliefs as her reason for refusing to marry same-sex couples. But she has managed to raise the temper of one of metal's many iconic figures, Rob Halford, known as the Metal God.
Rob Halford was asked to give his opinions on the issue of this woman. When he visited C103 in Halifax, Canada, he was asked to give his opinion to the local DJ there, Scotty Mars. He states "freedom and democracy and freedom of speech and everybody being able to say what they feel"

"When you are employed in a situation that comes with basic, accepted ground rules and you try to kind of manipulate them to your perception so that it interferes with your job and interferes with other people’s lives, I take exception,” argued Halford. “It’s simple, man: Just give each other the respect and equality that everybody deserves on this planet, no matter where you’re from. So all this business about gay, straight, bi, black, white, Jew, Catholic — it’s all these ridiculous labels. We’re all people. We all need to just try and find a way to love each other and accept each other and try and make the world a better place. Amen"

Since coming out of the closet in 1998, he has seen a change in attitudes towards open homosexuality. He isn't, however, the only musician to air their opinions on the issue of Kim Davis. She managed to tick off former Survivor bandmates Jim Peterik and Frankie Sullivan. They were furious that their song "Eye of the Tiger" was used to support her.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Music's "Filthy Fifteen"

According to those Parents Music Resource Council (PMRC) idiots, here are what they consider to be the Top 15 Filthiest Songs.
-Let Me Put My Love Into You
-If this is going to be on here, then shouldn't "Givin' the Dog a Bone" "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Have a Drink on Me" be included as well? Because everyone seems to like a good old rock song about sex, drugs or rock and roll. It's like the three things to becoming a rock star, lmao!!

Def Leppard
-High N' Dry
-It's said this song refers to alcohol and drug use

Black Sabbath
-Apparently this song is about drunk driving and alcohol

-Animal (F--- like a Beast)
-Wow, there's a nasty sex song!

Motley Crue
-According to bassist Nikki Sixx, they felt like they were being screwed, so this song was written to basically say "don't screw us", "don't mess with us"

Twisted Sister
-We're Not Gonna Take It
-This is about rebelling against those who try to tell you who to be

-If the title doesn't tell you, this song is probably about devil worship and possessed souls

Judas Priest
-Eat Me Alive
-Supposedly the song is about bondage. Well then, if Judas Priest writes songs with dirty lyrics, shouldn't "Raw Deal" be on here as well? That song came under fire for lyrics pointing to homosexuality. That song basically told the world Rob was gay before he came out if you didn't pick up on the handcuffs on his hips or the black leather bondage gear he wears on stage!

Mercyful Fate
-Into the Coven
-It's about witchcraft

Sheena Easton
-Sugar Walls
-This doesn't sound so filthy

Cyndi Lauper
-She Bop
-Must be what they're calling sex for women now, lol!!

Mary Jane Girls
-In My House
-Who knows what this song could be about?

-Strap On Robbie Baby
-This could be about a strap on that women use for sexual pleasure

-Dress You Up
-Said to have sexually explicit lyrics

-Darling Nikki
-Supposedly the inspiration for the PMRC came from Tipper Gore, who was aghast at hearing this song coming from her daughter's bedroom

Friday, September 18, 2015

Top 50 Metal Albums of All Time

Considering this post is about metal albums, it would be horrible not to include Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or any of the Big Four on here. So here are the Top 50 Metal Albums of All Time.

-Balls to the Wall
-German heavy metal
-De Myeriis Dom Sathanas
-Norwegian black metal
-Iowa based metal band
Cannibal Corpse
-Tomb of the Mutilated
-Death metal
-A Blaze in the Northern Sky
-Norwegian black metal
Iron Maiden
-Iron Maiden
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-I wasn't really all that impressed with this one. The only non-Bruce Dickinson album I really like is Killers. I didn't even know who that was singing until I looked on the case and seen Paul Di'Anno. But I have to say I'm definitely all for the Bruce Dickinson-era of Maiden. Although I do like the track "Wrathchild". That one is good!
Morbid Angel
-Altars of Madness
-Death metal
-Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. I
-Described as "Iron Maiden on steroids", in the sense that Helloween often has air raid level vocals, the punk edge of thrash metal and the high speed of metal
-Times of Grace
-Oakland, California-based metal band
King Diamond
-Heavy metal
-Swedish black metal
-Bakersfield, California-based nu metal
Mercyful Fate
-Don't Break the Oath
-Occult metal
-Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
-Black metal
-The Black Album
-Thrash metal
-I actually have this on my MP3. A lot of good tracks. "Sad But True": love it. "Nothing Else Matters": love it! Almost the entire album, with the exception of a few songs, is good!!! I highly agree it deserves to be on here!
Iron Maiden
-I'll have to re-listen to this one. If there are good tracks on it, then I will definitely check it out
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-Florida-based death metal
-Rust in Peace
-Thrash metal
-Kill 'em All
-Thrash metal
Judas Priest
-British Steel
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-This is the album that really got people's attention turning to Priest. With iconic tracks like "Breaking the Law" "Metal Gods" "Living After Midnight", it's hard not to know this album, especially if you're a Priest fan!
At the Gates
-Slaughter of the Soul
-Swedish death metal
-Among the Living
-Thrash metal
Celtic Frost
-To Mega Therion
-Extreme metal
-Wolverine Blues
-Swedish death metal
-Bonded by Blood
-Bay Area thrash metal
Dream Theatre
-Images and Words
-Progressive metal
-Operation: Mindcrime
-Heavy metal
Black Sabbath
-Heaven and Hell
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-Ironically, the title track for this album gets played only rarely on the radio. I'm surprised. The radios always play "War Pigs", "Iron Man" or "Paranoid", but this song? Not too much. "Heaven and Hell" is a Black Sabbath song and a good one at that! And it's good despite those who don't like it!!
-Seasons in the Abyss
-Thrash metal
-Beneath the Remains
-Brazilian death/thrash metal
-It's said this album inspired everyone in metal, from Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson to Metallica's Kirk Hammett. This band, Rainbow, was originally a side project formed by former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore
-Atlanta, Georgia-based metal
Judas Priest
-Sad Wings of Destiny
-This album is iconic in the sense that it's the first album where you see the three pronged pitchfork symbol nowadays associated with Judas Priest. This album catapulted Priest into the world of heavy metal, with tracks like the complex "Victim of Changes" to the short yet dangerous "The Ripper"
-Holy Diver
-"Castle metal", meaning the lyrical content is about dungeons, dragons, castles and all manner of medieval topic.
-I actually have this album. Very good. The first Dio album I ever bought. I bought it for "Rainbow in the Dark", but loved every track!! SWEET!!!
Black Sabbath
-Black Sabbath
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-Blackwater Park
-Swedish death metal
-Welcome to Hell
-Black metal
-Heavy metal from California
-Ace of Spades
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
System of a Down
-Speed metal
Black Sabbath
-Master of Reality
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-This album is amazing. The track "Solitude" is probably the quietest song they've written to date, lol. It's slow, an almost love song. Very good. Ozzy has an amazing voice for ballads. And if you listen real close, you can hear flutes on it, being played by none other than Tony Iommi, inspired by his short stint in Jethro Tull. Overall, the entire album is awesome. "Sweet Leaf" makes me laugh because of how it starts-Tony coughing his head off from a joint, lol!!!!
-Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
-Thrash metal
-Ride the Lightning
-Thrash metal
Judas Priest
-Screaming for Vengeance
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-This is the album that gave the world "You Got Another Thing Coming", which a lot of people say is one of Priest's not so good songs. Are they insane?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This is one of their best songs. I just love the head banging, pile driving power of this song. A perfect head banger's song!
Ozzy Osbourne
-Blizzard of Ozz
-Heavy metal. No specific type
-Vulgar Display of Power
-Reign in Blood
-Thrash metal
-Iron Maiden
-The Number of the Beast
-I really want to get this album. So many good tracks! And not to mention, this is the first one Bruce Dickinson did with Maiden. How amazing is that?
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal
-Master of Puppets
-Thrash metal
Black Sabbath
-This was the first Black Sabbath album I ever bought!! This is what got me into the legendary heavy metal band!!
-New Wave of British Heavy Metal