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Sunday, November 13, 2016

100 Facts about Metal You May or May Not Know 100-50

Since metal seems to be the most popular genre out there, I'm sure there are facts about this particular genre people may or may not know. Here are 100 facts about metal that people may or may not know.

-Legendary British metal band Judas Priest took their name from a 1967 song by Bob Dylan called "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest"
-Drowning Pool found the model from their album Sinner at Wind-Up Records, where she happened to work
-Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist and founding member Ritchie Blackmore was a notorious prankster. He once threw a javelin through Rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey's room
-Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame earned his nickname "Lemmy" because he was always asking for money
-Accept, a speed metal band from Germany, got their first hit with "I'm a Rebel", a song by Alex Young, the oldest brother of AC/DC founding members Angus and Malcolm Young
-James Murphy, guitarist for Testament, has no memory of making 1999's The Gathering because he underwent surgery for a brain tumor at that time
-"Nemo", a song by the band Nightwish, is based on the Latin word for "nobody". Many fans assume it has something to do with the film by Disney and always bring toy clownfish to their concerts
-During the recording of Iron Maiden's 1982 album The Number of the Beast, producer Martin Birch was in a car accident and the bill came out to 666 pounds. Terrified of the stigma associated with 666, he refused to pay until an extra pound was added
-Disturbed shot the video for their song "Stricken" in the same abandoned hospital used in certain scenes of A Nightmare on Elm St.
-When Ozzy Osbourne had a little person traveling with him, he nicknamed him Ronnie, as an insult to 80s era Black Sabbath singer Ronnie James Dio and his short height
-King Diamond, of Mercyful Fate, obtained the human skull used on their first album from a friend who was a surgeon
-Prior to becoming Iron Maiden's drummer, Nicko McBrain appeared in the video for "The Number of the Beast" wearing a devil's mask and shaking a pitchfork
-Black Sabbath, at one time, intended to use a model of Britain's famous Stonehenge on stage. After jotting down the dimensions, Geezer Butler sent them off to a builder. Only they came back almost as big as the real Stonehenge because the builder didn't know how to convert meters to feet
-When Manowar, a band calling themselves "true metal" told an interviewer that Twisted Sister were "sissy boys in makeup", Dee Snider and the rest of Sister called them out to a street rumble. Not shockingly, Manowar didn't show
Twisted Sister

-Nergal, front man for Behemoth, is a fully certified museum curator in his native Poland
-Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. appears in This is Spinal Tap. He appears during the "Sex Farm" portion of the movie's closing infomercial
It's like Nikki Sixx meets Ritchie Blackmore, lol!
-Milton Berle, a legendary comedian, appeared in the video for Ratt's "Round and Round" because his nephew, Marshall Berle, was Ratt's manager
-To set some serious records, there is a 43 year gap between the times Black Sabbath went to No. 1-1970s's Paranoid and 2013's 13. This broke Bob Dylan's 39 year record
-Judas Priest appeared in a 1984 ad for Sparkomatic car stereos, which owned the claim "it was like having a concert in your car"
-In 1998, Joey DeMaio, of Manowar, became a member of the military of the sovereign nation of Malta, which doesn't do much, but has a nice coat of arms
-Zolton Bathory, guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, is a very talented martial artist. He has won numerous competitions and is one of the very few civilians certified as an instructor by the U.S. Army and the Pentagon
-George Lynch, guitarist for Dokken, shot his solo for "You Just Got Lucky" on an actual volcano. It erupted only minutes after the final cut and the crew and band made it to safety
-Jonas Akerlund, of the band Bathory, became a very successful pop music director, working with people like Roxette, Robbie Williams and Madonna
-The sketch Dave Mustaine came up with for the cover of their first LP, Killing Is My Business, a skull nicknamed Vic Rattlehead, was lost by Combat Records. They instead found a cheap plastic skull and used ketchup to replicate blood. Dave was angry!
-The cover art for Probot, a heavy metal side project by former Nirvana and current Foo Fighters member Dave Grohl might look familiar for a reason. It was designed by Voivod drummer Michael "Away" Langevin, who did the same for his band's albums
-Flotsam and Jetsam, an 80s thrash metal band, got their name from a chapter of the J.R.R. Tolkien novel The Hobbit
-Kai Hansen, guitarist for Helloween, was being completely honest when writing the song "I Want Out". He quit the German power metal band less than a year later and formed his own band, Gamma Ray
-Napalm Death got in to the Guiness Book for Shortest Song Ever Recorded. "You Suffer" was only 1.316 seconds
-Vinnie Stigma, vocalist for Agnostic Front, nearly scalped himself when he launched himself off a bandmate's shoulders and hit his head on the overhead monitors. He had to be rushed to the hospital so the doctors could reattach the skin to his exposed skull
-Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura got their name from a Motorhead song called "Dancing on Your Grave". After translating the lyrics into Portugese, they knew that "sepulture", which translates into "grave" had a nice ring to it
-After calling Judas Priest a death metal band in 2014, Simpsons writers punished Bart Simpson by having him fill a chalkboard with the phrase "Judas Priest is not death metal" on the following week's episode
-Whiplash, a New Jersey-based thrash metal band, had three members named Tony: Vocalist/guitarist Tony Portaro, bassist Tony Bono and drummer Tony Scaglione
-During his stint away from British black metallers Venom, Conrad "Cronos" Lant became a dedicated bodybuilder and health enthusiast
-Prior to becoming known as the "father of death metal", Death front man Chuck Schuldiner worked at a Florida taco stand
-The video for Iron Maiden's "Can I Play with Madness" featured Monty Python's Graham Chapman, who played the ornery professor. He sadly died just over a year later
-The artwork used on Anthrax's State of Euphoria album was created by Mort Drucker, an artist for MAD Magazine
-Napalm Death appeared on a U.K. children's show called What's That Noise?
-On the cover of Black Sabbath's 1975 album Sabotage, the red tights drummer Bill Ward is wearing belonged to his wife
-Carcass, considered pioneers of grindcore metal, were known for explicitly gory lyrics. So it's more than ironic that all the members of the band are vegetarians
-Dan Spitz, lead guitarist for Anthrax, became a master watchmaker and trained at the legendary Bulova Watch school in Switzerland
-The cover art for Obituary's album Cause of Death was supposed to be for Sepultura's Beneath the Remains album. All ended well because Sepultura got their orange skull cover instead
-Cannibal Corpse dedicated their album Eaten Back to Life, to Alfred Packer, the first American cannibal
-Oderus Urungus and Beefcake of the band GWAR made a visit to Joan River's daytime show in 1990 to talk shock rock
-A major case of confusion happened in Tempe, Arizona in August 2010. A religious group put on a play titled "Lamb of God". They really got confused when hundreds of thousands of fans showed up wearing Lamb of God shirts. They probably had no idea there was a band called Lamb of God
-For the front cover of Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power, the fan whose face is featured had to withstand almost 80s hits before the so-called "money shot" was taken
-Sleep, a 1990s-era stoner doom metal band, smoked a seven figure advance in their bongs from London Records and delivered the hour long Dopesmoker aka Jerusalem album before breaking up
-In the 2003 film School of Rock, Jack Black's character can be seen sporting a Cannibal Corpse sticker
-Glen Benton, of the band Deicide, burned an inverted cross into his forehead and declared he'd commit suicide by age 33. He's still with us and well into his 40s
-Nocturno Culto of the band Darkthrone worked as a school teacher while his bandmate and friend Fenriz held down a job with the Norwegian Postal Service for nearly two decades
-In 2009, Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, played a church deacon with anger issues in the horror film The Graves
He looks a little like Till Lindemann, the front man for Rammstein
-Exodus had to abandon early songs like "Impaler" and "Die by His Hand" because Kirk Hammett, one of the guitarists, used parts of those songs for "Trapped Under Ice" and "Creeping Death", songs by Metallica, the band he was joining

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