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Friday, November 18, 2016

Private Games by James Patterson

This is, once again, a novel in the Private series by James Patterson
This particular story takes place in 2012, during the Olympic Games in London. The Private London office is getting swamped with agents from all over the globe, all filing into London for security passes since the Private London office has been granted with the task of providing security for the Games. The head agent for this office is Peter Knight, who was made manager of the office after his boss, Dan Carter and four of his colleagues were killed in a mysterious plane crash. (BTW, to know this, read Private London by James Patterson).

Meanwhile, people associated with the Games and athletes are being targeted and killed by a figure known only as Cronus. He is aided by three figures known only as the Furies. They believe the Olympic Games have been tainted by corruption and the only way to "cleanse" the Games is to murder those they deem unworthy of performing the Games.

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