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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Private Down Under by James Patterson

This is just one of many books in the Private series by James Patterson. This series in particular involves a fictitious investigation firm with branches all over the world. This particular story involves the branch for the new Sydney office.
Jack Morgan is the head of Private International and he's chosen Craig Gisto, who's originally from London, to run the office down under. The only problem is that on the Sydney Police Department is his cousin, Mark Talbot, who he has to work close to sometimes. The unveiling party is going fine until an unknown man crashes the party. His head is covered with a bag and when removed, it's discovered his eyes are missing. While this investigation is going on, another case comes up at the same time. Legendary Australian rocker Mickey Spencer comes into Private Sydney because he's convinced his manager is trying to kill him because he's 26 and he fears the stigma attached to rockstars who are 26, because of the whole "Forever 27 Club." Meanwhile, another case comes up. Women are being brutally beaten to death and having photocopied banknotes shoved into intimate parts of their bodies. This investigation ends with a woman who was unable to get pregnant killing women with families because she was jealous. The rockstar case ends with Mickey's Russian-born girlfriend Katia being the one targeting him because he got her sister pregnant and had a botched abortion. The mystery man case ends with his father and brother being targets of the Chinese Triads because of the father being a former Hong Kong cop

To be honest, if you read this book, it's good. And the rock star, I don't know why, the first person I think of is Glenn Hughes. The way he is described physically, Glenn Hughes pops into mind because of physical resemblance

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