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Friday, November 18, 2016

Private London by James Patterson

This is, yet again, another earlier entry in the Private series by James Patterson. This series of novels follows a fictitious investigation agency called Private, with locations all around the world.
This story in particular follows a former Royal Military Police officer named Dan Carter and his employees at Private London. His task is to go to the US and escort a young woman named Hannah Shapiro to London for schooling. She is reading psychiatry at Chancellors University, in central London. Her father is a wealthy industrialist who, when she was 13, had been unable to pay the ransom on her and her mother. But not before Hannah was forced to watch as her mother was raped and murdered by her captors. Years later, she is escorted to London and Dan asks that Chloe Smith, the daughter of his former commanding officer Richard Smith, act as bodyguard. But, one night, while at a bar on campus, Hannah is kidnapped and held for ransom while Chloe is attacked. Her, Hannah and another girl, Laura, are all under aliases, protecting their identities. It turns out that Hannah had staged the whole thing as a sort of payback to her father for not coming to get her and being forced to watch her mother die before her eyes.

It's kind of like reading an episode of Law and Order UK to be pretty honest. In fact, the main character, Dan Carter, if he were a real person, I would bet would look EXACTLY like Ben Daniels, who played Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel

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