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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Challenge by Amy Daws (Harris Brothers series Book 1)

As judging by the title, this book is only the first in a series called The Harris Brothers. Not shockingly, it's a romance series involving English footballers and London
-Camden Harris is one of the famous "Harris Brothers" of London football. He and his brother Tanner are both on the same team, Bethnal Green FC. Both are tall, handsome and inked. After Camden wrecks his knee, he's taken to a hospital where he first meets a doctor named Indie Porter, who is often known as "Specs" because of her choice of wild eyewear. Despite his stay in the hospital, he tries to woo her with his charm

-Indie Porter, on the other hand, is a highly intelligent doctor working at an East End London hospital. One thing she does not want to be labeled with is "30 year old virgin". She wants to meet someone to help her give life an interesting boost and she thinks that she may have just met her life booster-Camden Harris. Of course, over time, the footballer and the doctor will fall for each other hard.

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