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Sunday, July 1, 2018

July Birthdays

Since it's July, time to say Happy Birthday!!!

Lauren Harris
-DOB: 7/6/1984
-Where: Essex, England
-Not surprisingly, she is the daughter of Iron Maiden bassist/founding member Steve Harris
Geezer Butler
-Birth name: Terence Michael Butler
-DOB: 7/17/1949
-Where: Birmingham, England
-He left Black Sabbath in 1984, saying he was "sick of it all", most likely referencing all the issues plaguing the band at the time. He did return in 1991 to record two more albums-Dehumanizer in 1992 and Cross Purposes in 1994 before leaving again.
Sylvester Stallone
-Birth name: Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
-DOB: 7/6/1946
-Where: New York City, New York
-He suffers from partial facial paralysis, which resulted from doctors using forceps to pull him out while his mother was giving birth to him. The forceps severed a nerve in his left cheek, paralyzing that side and resulting in slurred speech and speaking out of the right side of his mouth
Ringo Starr
-Birth name: Richard Starkey
-DOB: 7/7/1940
-Where: Merseyside, Liverpool, England
-Earned his nickname "Ringo" from his habit of wearing a lot of rings
Ronnie James Dio
-Birth name: Ronald James Padavona
-DOB: 7/10/1942
-Where: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
-DOD: 5/16/2010
-Where: Los Angeles, California (complications from stomach cancer)
-He was credited with creating the so-called "Metal Horns" gesture after picking it up from his Italian grandmother who used the gesture to ward off evil spirits
Mick Jagger
-Birth name: Michael Phillip Jagger
-DOB: 7/26/1943
-Where: Dartford, Kent, England
-Auditioned for the role of Alex in A Clockwork Orange
Eric Carr
-Birth name: Paul Charles Caravello
-DOB: 7/12/1950
-Where: Brooklyn, New York
-DOD: 11/24/1991
-Where: New York City, New York (cancer)
-Worked as a stove repairman before joining Kiss
Daniel Radcliffe
-Birth name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
-DOB: 7/23/1989
-Where: Fulham, London, England
-He can play the bass guitar
Geddy Lee
-Birth name: Gary Lee Weinrib
-DOB: 7/29/1953
-Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Loves to collect baseball memorabilia
Helen Mirren
-Birth name: Helen Lydia Mironoff
-DOB: 7/26/1945
-Where: Hammersmith, London, England
-Even though she has a Russian birth name and Russian ancestry, she does not speak Russian. She is, however, very fluent in French

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