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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Endurance by Amy Daws (Harris Brothers series Book 2)

This is the second book in the Harris Brothers series
-First and foremost, the second oldest Harris Brother, Tannis Harris, is a total manwhore. He will screw anything on two legs. He's tall, dark and handsome, with tons upon tons of tattoos. He's a footballer, playing for Bethnal Green FC, where his younger brother Camden plays as well. His most recent incident, getting caught stark naked with his hand in front of his privates, means he's just called his last shot

-Dr. Belle Ryan is your typical no-nonsense doctor who works as a surgical fellow at the same hospital where Dr. Indie Porter works. Belle's job is stressful; she works as a foetal surgeon, who is able to operate on babies inside the mother's womb to repair any damage to their tiny bodies so they can be born healthy and beautiful. Besides being a high-risk job, it's also high-stress. When Tanner tries to call Indie to come pick him up in the East End, instead it's Belle who comes, to his rescue. It's then considered an idea that both Dr. Belle Ryan and Tanner Harris should fake being a couple. It would have fringe benefits for both of them-getting the paparazzi off Tanner's back for being a total manwhore and Belle's parents off her back for getting married finally. As time goes on, the two fall in love for real.

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