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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mine to Take: A Nine Circles Series (Book 1) by Jackie Ashenden

This book is the first in a series by romantic author Jackie Ashenden
-Gabriel Woolf is almost a literal wolf in sheep's clothing. As a former president for an outlaw motorcycle club, he left that world behind to become one of the biggest construction magnates in New York City, forming Woolf Construction. For most if not all his life, he has had revenge in his heart. He wants the man who raped and murdered his mother dead and in the ground. But as time goes on, he will be incredibly shell shocked to find the man who raped and murdered his mother also conceived him, making the man he wants dead and buried his father and a baby conceived via rape.

-Honor St. James is your typical New York socialite. She is more likely to fret over the latest Yves Saint Laurent clothing than anything else. She soon finds out that the mysterious man who picks her up one night from her law firm, a man with an aura of danger lurking about him, is connected to her father in more ways than one.

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