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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Music, the show Glee, etc!

yeah, the title, real creative huh? Well here it is: Has anyone out in the blogosphere seen that show Glee? It's totally awesome! I love that show, i love how they sing songs at the end and sometimes they sing songs i like, on this episode, the crew was watching a video of the gym teacher singing Physical by Olivia Newton-John, I like that song alot.
And I still cannot believe Florence Henderson got the boot on Dancing with the Stars, it should have been Bristol, she needs to be home taking care of that kid of hers instead of flashing her face all over TV and the news!
I would put music videos on here, but I'm clueless about it, so go on the internet and look around for Try Again by Aaliyah, look for the video of that, it's totally awesome! she's one of my fave R&B singers!

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