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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Accepting Yourself

I've noticed that over the years, people change. It's typical. If you're a girl and you're like 12 or 13, you might have liked all those boy bands like Basckstreet Boys, N*Sync, New Kids on the Block, etc.

When I was younger, I proudly admit that I went ga-ga or whatever word means crazy for the boy bands of the late 1990s, early 2000's. But as I got older, my tastes in alot of stuff began to change, like as time went forward, my taste in music, movies, fashion went backwards. What I mean by this is when I was in my senior year of high school, I was really beginning to get in to liking bands like The Mamas and the Papas, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, etc.

Also when I was younger, alot of the people I went to preschool with I pretty much went to school with for a good majority of my life, I got to see them grow up, and mature. But when we all got to senior year, I noticed that everyone was liking the same thing--rap music, baggy pants, girls dressing like borderline whores, white guys saying things like "Yo, what up Dog?" or "Hey, how's my homie?". Come on, no black person says that! I've noticed that almost everyone I graduated with liked the same thing. What happened to individuality? What happened to liking certain things that made you who you are? I guess it went out the window when they decided popularity was more important than individuality. Well, luckily for me, I will not give up being who I am to become popular. To hell with popularity! I like being the big tree-huggin hippie I am. I enjoy listening to my music you deem weird, and the cool thing is that the music people listen to today wouldn't be around if it wasn't for bands like The Beatles, from what I hear, this band inspired alot of bands.

I will not change who I am just to fit in. I'd rather be unique and unpopular than popular and blending in like a chameleon. I'd rather be the colored crayon in a world of gray crayons. I'm not going to sacrifice being who I am to fit in. And you want to know something I think is a little funny? I was never really able to connect with all my classmates, only a select few and it seems like I'm able to connect with adults more easily. I can make friends with adults a heck of a lot more easily than people my own age. You'd be surprised at alot of the friends I have on Facebook who are adults who like similar things I like. But overall, I will not sacrifice individuality to satisfy the needs of classmates, I will not change who I am to fit in! To hell with popularity, I just gotta be me! And if anyone of my classmates finds fault with this little philosophy of mine, and you want to be friends, to hell with ya! I'm not changing who I am just to make you happy, sorry bub, ain't gonna happen!

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  1. You be who you are. In our family we all have very different tastes in music, but also very wide taste as well. Hubby is a rocker, my daughter is currently a bit hip hop, my son likes Michael Bubble!!!!! etc and I am a bit of a pop person - I used to ove The Backstreet boys by the way, and I was well over 13 years old!!!! In fact I still play some of their CD's. 2 Bands that we all agree on though are Snowpatrol and The Prodigy - we all love these . Have you heard of them? I still have my mums collection of old 45's - I'll do a post on them soon. xxxx