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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook quizzes

In my spare time when I'm not working on class work, I sometimes take quizzes on Facebook. Sometimes the results are hilarious and sometimes I wonder how I even got those results in the 1st place. Here are some of the quizzes I've taken:

What City Should I Settle Down In?
a: Beijing. Beijing is an absloute interesting place. There is alot to be learned here with it's rich history, culture, spiritual beliefs. You belong in Beijing.

Type of men you like
a: the shy type.You have the man that would be to shy to give you roses, but he still will! He will always be the one to hesitate, but he will be there for you! Don't leave him, because he is the one.

What European city do you belong in?
a: Florence, Italy.The modern regional capital of Tuscany, Florence boasts some of the most amazing culture in all of Europe. Medieval art, architecture, and some of the best food, wine, coffee, and bakeries are at your fingertips. If you live here, chances are that you are a world-class traveler looking for unique culture and a new experience each time.

What Hollywood hunk should be your hubby?
a: James McAvoy.You're the type that loves a family man with a bit of a dangerous side. You know he's good for making you breakfast in bed in the morning, then for going at it againts the bookshelf in the library after the kids have gone to bed. You lucky girl!

Which Guy is your dream man?
a: Enrique Iglesias. He's your mister right. He's funny, good looking and has an amazing voice.

What English Band are you?
a: The Libertines. You are passionate about everything and you are not a fake. You will be part of a group/club and support them until the day they die.

What Gerard Butler character describes you?
a: Gerry, P.S. I Love You. you are a hopeless romantic

What is your spirit animal?
a: Otter.the otter represents joyfullness and lightness. people who have this spirit animal have mellow personalities, and are capable of remaining calm and collect in any given situation. otters are often the ones who keep others grounded, in a sense.
Which TopGear character are you?
a: Richard Hammond. You are small and compared to a small furry animal who likes running around on wheels. You have long hair and hate haircuts. Land Rovers and offroading are your favorite things to do and you're quite immature. Good luck on that growing taller thing of yours!

What Flower are you?
a: Marigolds. You stand up for what you believe in and are always there when you're needed

If You Started a Rock Band?
a: Bon Jovi.Your hair is probably the coolest thing ever... long or short. You've got 100,000,000 fans and they're all livin on a prayer... prayin that your next album won't involve country music. We still love you though

What Country Are You Most Like?
a: England.You have lots of cool friends. You are loyal to your friends but your not one to mess with!! This one actually surprised me!

What Simpsons character are you?
a: Bart Simpson.You are Bart! You are a hellraiser. They try to tame you, but to no avail! You love to get into trouble, and love the attention it brings even more. However, on occasion, you can be a truly great friend, sibling, and child. But don't let anyone else know that. It would ruin your rep.

What country best fits you?
a: Australia!Its a country in the southern hemisphere first settled by Great Britain in 1788. It is comprised of the worlds smallest continent.

What Famous Rockstar are you?
a: John Lennon.You originated the face of rock n roll history. Your peace and love demonstrations helped people discover a new meaning to the world. Your thoughts and ideas are very original and you are loved by the entire world. You mastered the 60's and 70's but in 1980, you were shot and killed. You were very nice and laid back. You were simply a relaxed and peacful guy.

What Beatles member are you?
a: George Harrison."Its all in the mind ya know." Your more of the quiet type that likes to go with the flow but will let your inner talent shine from time to time. Your very open minded, spiritual, and creative and everyone enjoys your company. You hold your family and friends close to your heart and are one of the people that will be there for anyone in need.

What Beatles song are you?
a: Here Comes the make the sun rise and set in others words your radiant just like this song. so be careful who you decide shine your light on becuse you might just cause a few sunsets.

Who's your Harry Potter boyfriend?
a: Harry Potter! You like the brave bold hero. You feel protected with Harry. I love him! He's soooooooooooooo hot, and his English accent? don't get me started, I'll be here all day telling you how much I love it!

What Deadliest Warrior are you?
a: Samurai. Swift and just with every strike of your katana.

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