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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random thoughts/knighthood

Yeah, the title explains it all. Just random thoughts buzzing around. Somehow, the other night my dad got on to the topic of how one would go about receiving the prestigious honor of knighthood. Don't ask me how he got on to this topic, idk. But I did a little research and it says that in order to receive this prestigious honor, you have to make a contribution to arts and humanities in the name of England basically. Some think you can buy something like this, not really sure how that would happen, but you can't, you have to do it through good will and merit, doing a good contribution to arts and humanities and national life in the name of England, and alot of the people who received this honor weren't from England, but from places like Scotland, Ireland, etc. It can go to men, where they are called Sir or women, called Dame. It can be given to actors, musicians, scientists, you name it, the range is pretty big. Long ago, it was used for military, but nowadays, it is given to people who make contributions to arts and humanities and national life. Surprisingly, alot of the actors, actresses, musicians and other people we like may have received this totally awesome honor, people like:
The Beatles-June 1965
Mick Jagger-Dec. 12, 2003
Elton John-Feb. 24, 1998
Paul McCartney-March 11, 1997
Bono-March 29, 2007

Michael Caine-2000
Roger Moore-June 14, 2003
Anthony Hopkins-1993
Sean Connery-2000
Patrick Stewart- July 3, 2010

Julie Andrews
Maggie Smith
Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave
Judi Dench
Helen Mirren

The Beatles
Mick Jagger
Oooh, black leather, looks good on him.......

Elton John

Paul McCartney. Love his music!!!!

Bono(OMG!!!!!!!! What a sexy hunk of Irish man!!!!)

Michael Caine

Roger Moore

Anthony Hopkins

Sean Connery(My favorite James Bond!)

Patrick Stewart
These are just some of the people who may have received this honor. Out of all the people in this pics, I'd have to say Bono, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and The Beatles are my faves.

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