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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I know I may have done previous blogs about this, but I love to talk about what I love and find interesting


Chinese culture

Japanese culture

It's kind of funny because this is the exact costume I wore for Halloween last year, sans the facial makeup!

Native American culture

Native American mytholgy

Chinese mythology

Japanese mythology


Graphic Design
World Cultures

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  1. You have some great interests. Been reading your last few posts . I HATE Top Gear as it is always on the telly in my house as my son LOVES it. He and hubby have been to see the Top Gear Live shows the last 2 years and they really enjoyed them. I take my daughter to the Ballet - we love it. Here in the North of England we are lucky to have the Northern Ballet - a great company which does stunning shows - although I really love Mathew Bourne ballets too.