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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cool covers!!!

Recently in my 2D Design class, we started talking about another of our projects for class. The project that I'm really looking forward to doing in this class is the CD cover at the end. When we were discussing it in class, the teacher wanted us to tell him 3 artists we were considering for the project. Me, I'm so sadly predictable, so you probably know The Stones came up, with Paul McCartney as a backup idea and Aaliyah as another artist. We had to start coming up with ideas for possible CD covers right then and there! Do you know how hard that is? To just wing it? Very hard.

Anyway, we also had to do a little research and find a graphic designer we admire the work of. For me it was quite a challenge because I don't know of any graphic designers I admire the work of, and then that's when started wondering who it was that designed all those cool Stones albums, like the one for Tattoo You, Some Girls, and I found out that a graphic designer named Peter Corriston is the one who designed them. He is this really awesome British graphic designer who designed the Tattoo You and Some Girls album covers for The Stones. It's so cool how he can take something and turn it into something cool. What's even more weird is that I actually have the Tattoo You and Some Girls albums on my MP3, mainly because I simply can't afford an iPod, and I really don't want one. So anyway, it was so cool finding out who designed those album covers because I'm a totally HUGE Stones fan and it was fun finding out this neat little fact. So we had to print out a picture of the work of the artist we chose and a picture of the actual artist.
Here's some of the work he's done, most notably the 2 covers:

The Rolling Stones/Tattoo You

The Rolling Stones/Some Girls

I also noticed something kind of funny-- if you look really close, and you know what the guys looked like when this album came out, you can actually pick these guys out of the picture, you can actually see Mick, Charlie, Keith, Bill and Ronnie.

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