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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Girls who think like guys

For those of us girls who think like guys, somehow, we're called tomboys. IDK if that's a bad thing; in my mind, it isn't. What's wrong with being one of the guys? Some girls would rather hang out with the guys, drink beer and watch sports than go out shopping for the latest fashions and try on makeup and gossip over stupid stuff or obsess over the latest cute guy to catch your eye

Here are some ways to see if some girls think like guys

1. PDA- public displays of affection probably make you want to throw up

2. Flowers are wastes of money. On Valentine's Day, your preferred gift is a burrito from Chipotle, or chocolate and wine

3. 80% of the time you're hungry and can probably put away food like a man

4. Even though some think swearing is unladylike, you last only a short while before you're cussing like Ozzy Osbourne on speed or like Bill Nighy's character in Love Actually

5. Despite your astounding ability to drink virtually everyone under the table, you still wind up alone at the bar

6. Present buying is not your forte. You run around trying to find a gift that doesn't say "I forgot"

7. Blunt and direct is not always the policy. Passive-aggressive is not in your dictionary

8. You have almost nothing in common with other girls. You can only handle talk of beauty products for so long before you go bonkers!

9. When issues are bothering you, you become confrontational. People see this as a bad thing, but your mindset is solve it ASAP

10. Rather than shop all day, you prefer alcohol and sports or drinking and concerts

11. You spend precious hours of your equally precious life waiting for friends to try on everything when shopping

12. You like to get over it and not hold grudges

13. Because you're a girl, people naturally assume you like girly things and the colors pink or lilac

14. Not understanding why some girls wake up early to do their hair and makeup when that valuable time could be spent doing something sleeping

15. The idea that you're being a total bitch or rude because you're not as sweet as sugar or that because it's your "time of the month"

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