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Friday, May 8, 2015

Judas Priest: Then and Now




-They really didn't look all that different in the 1990s or current day
-I think I may have made a mistake in letting my sister see the front of my Essential Judas Priest album, which, not surprisingly, has an image of the band on the front. For some reason, her eyes went right to Glenn Tipton. Now I have to point him out to her next Saturday when we see them at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, OH. But the cool thing is that she really does like their music now from listening to my Essential Judas Priest CD and to make this time more worthwhile, I get to see one of my all time fave heavy metal bands with someone I love, my sister. Also, just found out when they'll be playing at ROTR (Rock on the Range). They'll be taking the stage at 9:40 pm. A long time to wait to see these guys! I'll be dead from anticipation before these guys even play one note, lmao!

Glenn Tipton caught her eye. Maybe it's because he's blonde?

Wait until she sees Richie Faulkner, she's gonna die! LOL!!

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